Backfill into a Defeat screen should be compensated

You know how frustrating it is to wait for 6 minutes and then get backfill into a game that has just 10 second left? Fix it now!

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I just backfilled into a potg lol, fix that!!

Already on PTR. :slight_smile:

Yeah personally I think that’s lame. They should hand out larger punishments for people who leave an in-progress game and instantly requeue all the time. Force THEM to backfill when they queue up.

To fix a problem, gotta fix the cause. What they are doing is a gimped band-aid fix that still causes a headache for people that backfill.

What should the punishments be?

If this were a general rule I’m not sure you could really guarantee there’d be someone in your MM pool that had also left games recently. If the punishments aren’t severe enough, and I’m not sure they should be in QP, wouldn’t the backfilled leaver be more likely to leave again? In which case that helps no one.

Good. I can’t believe it took them a year to add this.

Then they are forced to backfill AGAIN. They cycle continues till they play a match from start to end.

Another option, ban them for queuing again for 15mins or till the game they left ends, which ever is longer.

There are many ways to discourage people from leaving matches because they are angry and instantly requeue. -75% exp isn’t working because these people don’t care about loot boxes.

Backfilling into an already finished game shouldn’t even be possible. There are other games where you can join games late, but they eventually cut off backfilling once the score/timer reaches a certain point.