Backfill either

Either make backfill optional or make it way more rewarding. ty :cold_face: :face_with_head_bandage:


“Now arriving at Hanamu-DEFEAT.
Play of the game:”

(genji teamwipe)

All six enemies simultaneously: “gg hehe~! :heart:


it’s just a terrible over all experience and I’m surprised they have done nothing yet about it. My personal experience is it discourages me from wanting to que especially if “they” I say they because i get put into so many backfill sorry… are when i first log on and just wanna have some fun and just warm up it just is jarring and makes me want to log on other games because i have more control over my experience.

Or… here me out now… make it so it’s based on endorsement level. The lower you are, the more likely you backfill.


This is on PTR, it’s something I guess


so people who play less often have to suffer on purpose? some people have busy lives :confused: that doesn’t mean they deserve that lol.

endorsements do not decay when you don’t play the game. Try again?

mine keeps going down to 2 so… idk and i play reasonably often?

Uhm this is exactly my experience
u captured it so perfectly


and just… que’d up into two backfill back to back… leave get a penalty warning holy moly this backfill stuff is annoying.

edit: i only leave backfill games and paris in qp only obviously.

Its like youre me (Chars)


Backfill is great. I hope they add it to Competitive mode soon. Troll leavers there are the worst.

Endorsement level is based on your average endorsements received per match, and it goes down if you leave games or are reported. If you get suspended it is reset to level 0.

welp i only leave backfill and paris so. Guess i get reported for random reasons? who knows. Most of the time i play with my chat muted so. :man_shrugging: like just a bit ago, no com’s or anything won the game said GG at end and wham went down to 1. anyways idc about endorsements just weird i suppose.