Avoid Player change doesn't help a Plat guy like me


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Well, this pretty much only applies to higher ranks. I’m in plat and I don’t think I have came across the same toxic player twice. I definitely come across a different toxic person almost every game but I only get to choose 2 people at a time. Blizzard, what are you guys going to do to make competitive a better experience for mid to low tiers? When are we going to see radical changes or addtions to competitive play? I am honestly sick of small changes every two or three seasons. You have a PTR. JUST TEST SOMETHING. For get the fact that it is just used to to see if the new changes make the game unstable or not. The PTR could have way more potential and it is kind of sad that you guys don’t want to use it.


No thanks. Any more and it will be easily abused against honest players.
It can be already as it is.


If you never see the same people again, what’s the point of having more avoid slots? The whole point of the avoid feature is to avoid people who are repeatedly winding up on your team.

What is it exactly you expect them to put on the PTR to stop toxicity? They can’t mind control the playerbase.


i would guess he wants everyone to have more avoids so that the offending players can accumulate them more easily and pay with extended queues more often.


So they either do nothing and people abuse it or they change something and people abuse it?

In response to Lemmi, I was just pointing out the fact that it isn’t as useful as they make it seem. That post that Jeff made on Feb 20 shows a chart of the ranks in comp and the percentage of the people that play in those ranks. 21% are at silver, 32% are at gold, and 25% are at plat. Masters rank is 3% and GM is 1%. When there are, as of April 28th 2017, 35 million active players playing Overwatch, those numbers are drastically different.

1% of 35 Million is 350 thousand, and then you have to break that down into regions, which is smaller, and then not everyone is playing at the same time so the avoid player feature should work decently.

32% of 35 Million is 12,250,000. If you break it down the same way, Gold, Silver, and Plat, will have huge player pool difference to choose from compared to GM and masters. So, not only is the Avoid Player Feature kind of pointless for the Mid tier ranks at this current moment, if they make it so that you could avoid a couple hundred, or even a couple thousand players, it still would be useful because you are not that likely to encounter the same player again in a pool of 12 million. When you play GM and Masters, together, it’s probably about 1.5 Million and that’s before the breakdown of region. You are more likely to encounter the same player in GM. So no, you probably would even see a difference in queue times for mid tier ranks.


They could see my played champion pool and try to queue with people who’s champion pool would pair good in a match with me… rol…cof cof esel cof… ect


That is a great idea that Blizzard doesn’t want to do. They have said in interviews that doing something like a Role Queue would give them the power to shape the meta. This is totally contradictory because they add, nerf, and buff heroes in the game to specifically do that. They said that Brigitte is suppose to be “meta changing”. They contradict everything they say.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the game and the devs work very hard but the biggest problem in the game is the matchmaking. Their community has grown well over 30 million active users but they have maybe very few changes to the matchmaking, especially in competitive, over a long period of time and that is a problem.