Avoid as Teammate, Increased to 3


Well that’s nice, thanks :slight_smile:


I still haven’t even avoided anyone. I just forgot about the feature tbh.


It’s very nice. Still not enough for high-level streaming competitors (to use against snipers) but nice for us rabble.


This makes me a very happy froggo.



So what sort of features could they implement that would avoid stream sniping?


Unlimited avoid slots would be a good start.


I feel like that would just get abused.

I was thinking something more along the lines of displaying your name differently ingame.


I’m not sure. It’s a hard thing to gauge, because the way PUBG handles it is too fast and loose (going on the word of the streamer, that is), if you’re asking for a more permanent way.

Honestly, I think that more avoids would help streamers at least avoid more, since they usually have quite a few looking to snipe queue and throw games. Maybe an opt-in system-- you get more avoids in exchange for a shorter duration. I.E.:

3 avoids = 7 days each
5 avoids = 3 days each


What are your thoughts on just allowing high rank players to change how their username appears ingame?


I think it would be useful, if I’m envisioning it correctly, on the surface. However, if the streamer makes callouts over comms or certain actions, the sniper would ultimately be able to deduce who the streamer was based on their stream and in game hints and we’d be back at square one. ):


Ah, I just figured another feature.

Make it so that you can change how your name appears to teammates, but have a different name how it appears to yourself.

Or have it so that all names on your screen appear as the characters name.


True, it’d work at the very least if the sniper was on a different team.

Unfortunately, the closest to good we’d get is:

  1. Your reformed idea
  2. Muting now stops the muted from hearing your voice (unless blocking does do this)

Because most streamers (the ones I’m thinking of, at least) have very distinctive voices that would give themselves away when they play. They usually have a good idea of who their snipers are, so if the sniper doesn’t see their name + can’t hear them, plus does not see their own name when the streamer tabs in game-- we would just about be fixed.


Well one issue is that the caster wouldn’t know who the sniper is, because the sniper could also name change.



It’s just a bad situation overall for streamers. ):


Wake me up if they reached a usable amount like 50, or 100 and when they upgrade from 7 days to 7 years.


A delayed timer on stream.

Dota 2 has a built in 3-6 minutes delay on the spectator mode, and Twitch also has 1-2 mins delay on the Dota 2 stream. But lately the stream snipers are making a comeback on the game and many streamers now have to blur their minimap to try and stop them.


I want to be able to avoid as many players as possible. So eventually I don’t get queued with anyone.


I wish they’d make it so that if your avoid list is full when adding someone then the oldest entry is automatically replaced.


clicked 2 people to avoid, they showed up on my team the next day…oh well