Australian player being put in US server matches


Over the past week or two I have on 3-4 occasions been connected to a US server, I’m in Australia and have always been put in games with other Australian and NZ players with a decent 30ms avg server ping. These US server matches have 220-600ms ping. One of the games everyone was talking Spanish I couldn’t even talk to my teammates, my last game about 30 mins ago everyone was from US or Canada.

This is happening in comp play, during peak times when heaps of AU players are around. Is this some bug?

I haven’t changed anything in my setup and have previously always connected to appropriate servers till a couple of weeks ago - so I’m not really expecting there to be problems on my end but let me know if there’s anything I can do to rectify or help.

(EDIT) Oh I did do one thing over the last week or two, I installed Origin and downloaded a few games from there - I couldn’t say for certain if the problems started before or after that operation though.

Another report worth noting; In another match my whole team was from AU but everyone had a 200+ ping. We all theorised and mutually agreed that we had been put in a US server as the ping suited the location. Everyone was from Australia or NZ though on my team, and some of the other team mentioned in chat that they had the same ping issue so I would assume they were in AU or NZ too.

QP 30ms server, played comp straught after oput in 200ms+ US server
played comp an hour or two later in a 30ms AU serrver, played a comp game after this and was put in a 200ms US server.

Any response would be appreciated.

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