Australian joining American Server way to much


So pretty simple, i get a stable and constant 40ping when I’ve connected to an australian server. But recently i keep joining American ones way to much. I joined 4 in a row last night and on 200ping (stable 200ping) its hard way to difficult and unfair especially when i play ranked.

Is there anything i can do? because its quite stupid. I rather wait 10mins for a free Aussie server.


A lot of people have posted about being put into the wrong servers. Because of this, your topic may be locked and posts may be merged into an older thread with the same error as this one.

I suggest you start looking at other “wrong server” posts.


I’m having this issue too, I can;t find an AU thread where a Blizz rep has responded only a US one where they mention that only US issue should be mentioned. Could we please get a response for Au players, or direction to the thread where this is being debugged?

I just played a QP game and was put on a 30ms server then played comp and was put in a 200ms+ server with people from the US. Then an hour or two later played another comp game, in a 30ms server with AU and NZ players, play another Comp match after that and get put into a 200ms server with US players.

I’ve made my own thread too,

The US thread, where Blizz reps are super helpful

The Au thread where they just blame our ISP’s

I can;t find any other response from Blizz reps regarding this issue for Au players. Could we please get some support/response?


It’s kinda a different issue. As it might be a problem with the Aussie Servers. here is my test though:

What ISP you with Dividebyzero?

out of about 12 games today, at least 5 have been US server. Game is getting unplayable for me.


Because it is their responsibility to find you the fastest route to the servers you want to reach. Many times Blizzard staff will reach out and let an ISP know what’s going on, but they can’t force them to fix or change anything.

Edit: I thought you were saying you were incorrectly matched to a server location at all times. Obviously if they aren’t enough Comp players, it extends the search. What would be the alternative?


That comment ( referring to a comment from a Blizz MVP but they removed after I posted this - oh it’s back now - this is a joke) is utterly ridiculous. Today I played 4 games, it went Au, then US then AU then US. It’s just freaken random, my ISP isn’t changing that every 30 mins.

It’s also not my ISP’s responsibility to ensure Blizzard match me in playable competitive games. Blizzard can easily check my ping before logging me into servers and not connect me to 200-600ms servers where it just completely ruins the game for everyone involved.

A response from a GM who looked at my traceroute etc… rather than just giving me some silly standard response, which clearly states this is blizzards intention and that even the GM experiences this issue.

Game Master17:50:55
well, yes, it could be a problem. connection overseas can be a bit delayed.
YOU 17:51:19
This is the problem I’m facing, I keep getting put in US servers with US players randomly
YOU 17:51:48
Usually I cannot to a server with AU and NZ players with a 33ms ping. All those games are fine, it’s when I’m put in a server with US players that my ping is consistently large
Game Master17:51:55
I think the quickest way to solve the problem is to contact the ISP company asking them if they could change an IP address for you that it may let your network connecting to the server from different nodes.
YOU 17:51:57
*cannot = connect
YOU 17:52:40
But Blizz can tell my ping. Why would it put me in a server with US players and a massive ping? The ping alone makes it unplayable and ruins it for everyone
YOU 17:53:00
I’ve been put in servers with 200-500 ping with both US and spanish players.
Game Master 17:53:16
i understand. for that part i am afraid that is an intended setting of the game. the match-making system may reach out it’s search when there wasn’t enough players in a region.
YOU 17:53:25
You guys have to be able to tell what my ping is and put me either in an approipriate server or not connect me at all
YOU 17:53:51
That’s just flat out stupid for a competitive game. Sorry but iti s
YOU 17:54:02
You guys handle the server connections
Game Master 17:54:06
I have the same experience myself as playing in Asia region, it sometimes may let me connect to the KR region which causing me to play with a higer pinged game.
YOU 17:54:10
It’s obviously broken
YOU 17:54:28
That’s not correct or a solid implementation, this is a blizz isdsue
YOU 17:54:52
If we could personally choose servers this wouldn’t be an issue but they reserve that and have poor logic in matchmaking
YOU 17:55:18
So you’re basicvally telling me Blizz wont do jack about this?
YOU 17:55:49
is there somewhere I can ask for a refund? If they’re not supporting the game I can’t play like this and there’s no point in keeping it
Game Master 17:57:30
I have to be honest with you, Michael, i am also a gamer myself, i don’t like to play a competitive or any of the ranked game with higher ping, too. I know this can be painful. But at this point, this is an intended setting that players may be assigned to different regions as if there weren’t enough players queuing up for a game in their region.
Game Master 17:58:10
We do receive feedbacks for this system, all i can do for you is to gather all of these feedback then forward to the developers for their reference.


I’m with Telstra on 50Mb NBN. It’s obviously an issue, Blizzard are just burying their heads and putting their fingers in their ears hoping it will go away.

I’m just so sick of the OW issues and lack of responsibility for the game taken by Blizz, I’ve uninstalled the game and everything Blizzard related after that eye opening chat with the GM.

Overwatch is the only Blizz game I’ve really played, who would’ve thought my one Blizz experience would be worse than any EA experience. Golden Poo is coming their way.


Hey, I’m not perfect, sometimes I click delete instead of edit by mistake, lol. But I stand by what I said and my edit :slight_smile: Sometimes people get matched to the wrong servers, even when people in their region are available, because of the route used by their ISP. That’s why they always request WinMTR tests to spot this.


If there is no playable competitive game the alternative is to not match them in a game rather than ruin the game for 12 people. But this happens during Australian Peak and will change every 30 mins.

You’re blindly defending Blizzard without any knowledge of the issue.


Also read the response from the GM, it seems to contradict your comments.


If you have feedback about how their matching system works, put it in General, where game devs will read it.


You asked the question and I answered it, are you high?


I’m aware that I asked, no need to attack. I am just telling you where to add the feedback so it gets seen by the right people.


Not an attack but a legit question considering the replies I’ve received.

It seems as though you haven;t taken the time to read and understand the reports here and are just giving us some standard response which provides no help or support at all. No one on this thread has stated that they are consistently put in a US server, each report mentions that it there’s a mix of good and bad servers we’re connected too.