Audio Issues when in game


Erm hi, I’m having issues with my audio when I’m playing the game, as in the sounds are so off. For instance when I have my spatial sound turned off, I cannot hear sound effects like doomfist’s charging and grunting sound, or hammond’s grapple and pile driving sound. But when I have my spatial sound turn on to windows sonic, the sounds I hear are everywhere… where the sounds that I should supposedly hear behind me, was heard beside me or above me and its very disorienting. These two are the only sound options and I hope I won’t have to spend money to purchase another one.


It’s always a good idea to check if a thread for your issue exists first :slight_smile: This is an issue with a recent Windows update and is not likely to be solved until the next update from Microsoft.


I think I just fixed it. I just had to run a sound troubleshoot.( They will play some sound and ask how the audio played sounds and give you a few options. I selected bad although I can’t tell whether the audio sounds good or bad XD. It will kind of fix itself. I not sure if it works for everyone.