Audio disappearing problem

Okay, before I begin, I’m going to list my specs:

  • Graphics Card: Rx 460 with latest drivers
  • Intel Pentium G4400
  • 8 gigs ram
  • Latest version of windows 10

Okay, so let me explain my problem, whenever I’m playing OW, no matter if it’s in a game, or just in the menus, my game sound cuts out. All other programs continue to have sound. The weird part is that team, match, and group voice chat is still heard. So I can still hear my team while playing, but I can’t hear the game itself. The audio might come back during the game, or usually during the play of the game. This bug is very random, and so far I have found no pattern, rhyme or reason to it. I have checked for updates on all of my drivers, and all are up to date. I have tried reinstalling OW twice already, but to no avail. I have a clip of the bug in full effect that I could show, but the forums don’t allow links.

Have the same problem here, and I have even forced OW to play audio through the speakers I have set up, still cuts in and out, all drivers are up to date

My specs are as follows:
GeForce GT 630
AMD Athlon II X2 245

and yes I do get enough FPS to make OW playable

Did you both try the steps for audio troubleshooting?

its not voice that that’s not working, its things like BGM and SFX that are buggy

In that case, maybe this?

blizzard already made a comment regarding audio randomly cutting out