Audio cutting out

I’m not sure if this is still relevant but what turned out to be the problem for me was my headphones being unable to cope with the fact that they are both a mic and an audio device simultaneously, and anytime I was in voice chat my audio throughout my entire computer cut out due to my headphones being used as a microphone instead. Try making sure your mic is your default device for being a mic.

Can the people who have the audio cutting out in bnet games reply me with their Motherboard.

@Zero I have an ASUS TUF x570 running a fast ryzen 3700 32gb +ssd and I’m getting my audio cut. No idea what to do honestly.

same, on the start only tho

I’d recommend you guys move your issue to #technical-support

It could be caused by audio drivers crashing, but usually those don’t start back up if i’m correct.
\ Not that tech savvy so i just recommend you go to #technical-support.