Audio cutting out

I thought this was an issue with my headphones or my computer.
I got new headphones and I played on a few of my friend’s computers. But have come across the same issue.

but whenever I get into a game, the whole audio for the game just cuts off completely. No sounds, no cheesy voice lines, no music. And its a scary experience.

Update: Turns out it even happens when you’re saving your Highlights! I have a saved POTG and the Audio cuts out near the end when the Overwatch Logo appears.


Im having this problem also. Last patch it was just select sounds that would cut off, now its all sound. Good luck getting support with this. When Searching this bug I find most of the posts go unsolved.


Same here, most of the time is when watching deathcam or potg, but sometimes is in the middle of a team fight, and it’s really annoying.


Glad to know I’m not the only one having the problem. My friend let me know she was having the same problem.
It may not get noticed by blizzard, but its still worth throwing it out there since I’m not the only one having this issue.

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Yeah, came here just to know if someone else was having the same issue, glad I’m not the only one.
I even uninstalled and reinstalled just in case, but didn’t work at all.

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Almost did that myself. I didn’t want to leave my game because I like to torture myself. But the audio did come back eventually, at the END of the game. only to cut out again.

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Which characters are you guys playing when this happens?

Also, Ive been told my Mic had some bad feedback of random frequencies at random times.

I was playing Sombra when it first happened.
Second time, I was playing Bastion, Third time McCree.

Hm, so far with Wrecking Ball, Lucio, Sombra and Zennyatta.

Ive noticed it happens most during character selection. Also, at the same time of the sound going out, My Mic pops and clips.

Mine makes the same sound too. Usually it happens either during hero select or during pre-game.

In my case now it’s only in the potg when all sound is missing, no music, voices, effects or anything.

I’ve gotten that too. I have a saved POTG where the audio clips out when it brings up the Overwatch Logo.

the popping in my ears is getting rather annoying

Made a topic about this as well before noticing this topic about the same issue ive been having.
The patch just before Wrecking Ball it would cut out all audio but gunshots, then after death it would be ok again generally.
After the Wrecking Ball patch now it cuts out all audio while watching the death cam, during a match and POTG.
No idea whats causing it but its obviously an issue with the game and nothing wrong with my computer as this is the only game that does it.


It seems to happen most when the game switches to another scene. Disabling the Killcam pretty much rid it of happening during the match.

Turning on/off the Dobly surround sound in settings brings the sound back after it cuts off…hopefully this helps someone

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I was worried that Hammond was the problem, but when I tried playing a different hero the sound would still ‘pop’ and no sound. It’ll fix itself eventually but I still have moments where the sound comes back only to go away.

lol i have this too. i thought its my computer(bc i dont have the best pc)

This is exactly my issue as well. Audio randomly disappears completely, but it seems to come back when I die most of the times. I have no other program running in the background so it’s definitely something to do with OW.

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Nor do I. Mine is 5 year old Laptop, but my friend plays on a new alienware computer and told me she’s experiencing the same problem.