Attempt to bring back 2018 All Star skins for Genji and Tracer, please read


Hello, I sent an email to Blizzard support asking if we’ll have a chance to purchase these skins again and this is the response:
" I can see here that you’ve queried regarding the All Stars skins for Overwatch from 2018. These skins for Tracer and Genji were exclusive for that year, and there are presently no plans to bring these back for future seasons. This is why they are not available this year.

If you would like to see this changed, and have a fresh chance to obtain these again in future, the best place to send this feedback is the official Overwatch forums at (Here was the link for forums) - make sure to state a clear case, and the more people you get actively talking on this topic, the more likely it will be taken into consideration for future events."

I want these skins back, I didn’t have a chance to buy them last year and I know they are exclusive but they are too good to missand I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants this. So, please, help me and help others by discussing here so we can get Blizzard’s attention.


Please Make 2018 All-Star Skin Available For Limited Time Too
Exclusives should stay exclusive!
All star genji tracer 2018

I totally get you. But I dont think it would make much sense to release them again in 2019/future. The thing is, these were "prizes"for OWL 2018, and are even called OWL All Star Weekend 2018. It just wouldnt make sense for them to release something from 2018 in 2019. I get it, I really do. I kinda(kinda not anymore because of All Star 2019 Mercy) miss Pink Mercy as I wasnt too impressed with the skin in 2018. Now I think it looks a bit better, but still not great.

It also said “limited time only”…


I know, I understand they might not be back, but for what it’s worth I just want to take my shot at this. It might happen sometime, you never know.


Nothing is settled in stone with these Legacy skins. We dont know when Blizz is going to pull a reverse card on these. But for now, we pretty much know they arent coming back.


For you to go this far I fully support bringing back the skins ! I didn’t get to take advantage last year because I was not playing overwatch at the time I really want these skins to come back I recommend also posting on there twitter and Instagram on the overwatch league twitter and Instagram with this link , you will probably find the most support on twitter


Bring back the All-Stars 2018 skins! Pls, pls pls :slight_smile:


They’re not going to come back. Thats why they’re called 2018 skins, while Mercy and Lucio are 2019.

I’m sorry you missed your opportunity, but the skins were limited time only. This years are also limited time only, so if you have plans to purchase then do so before the end of the event on the 22nd.


Bring out your skins…Bring out your skins!!!


I’ve equipped all of my exclusive skins since this garbage started, tbh.


Whole crap your I god in my eyes and will worship at your temple daily. I have the tracer skins and don’t care if other people get it


I just don’t have bastion and Winston, but I have the 9 others. Try to play them exclusively when I can.


You don’t have all them!! get out of here come back when you matter LOL


Nah, I’ll survive. I missed out so I missed out :woman_shrugging:


I don’t have Blizzcon Bastion, Blizzcon Winston, Blizzcon Sombra, 2018 All-Star Tracer, or 2018 All-Star Genji. Oh well I have everything else in the game…


I would love to buy the All-Stars 2018 skins! Blizzard please :heart:


I would love to buy the past skins. The last years All-Stars was in bad timing. None expected it and lost the chance to buy it for tokens or havent been able to login because they were unaware of the event.


Bring back the All-Stars 2018 skins! :smiley:


I fully support this! Blizzard please :slight_smile:


I do not support this


Personally, I don’t give a squat if they bring anything back.

I’ll never buy anything from Buzzard outside of the game itself…