Atlanta Reign vs. Hangzhou Spark (Playoffs | Losers Bracket) - FINAL

The best way to understand playoffs in competitive sports, is that they give the end of the season relative meaning. In the Premiere League (England’s top soccer league), they have no playoffs, so the season champion could be decided long before the season ends, leaving several games almost pointless to play.

whomst? i dont know her

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Yeah, when I got into Formula 1, it was kind of weird when the winner was decided when there were still, like, 2 races left.

See: The 2017-18 season, when Man City finished 19 points ahead of 2nd, and confirmed 1st with over a month left

Remember it’s this hero that Kaplan hinted at…

If only we knew what we were getting back then…


hmmm nope. still doesnt ring any bells

The Jetpack Cat glory days…

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I miss when the forums were so positive.

Yeah, and in soccer (we call it Football here XD ) championships, there is only a minor “losers bracket”, it’s simply the game for 3. place between the 2 losers of the semi finals.

Or even more races left. Formula 1 is points based, who collects the most points during a season, wins. And if he has already so many points won that nobody can reach these even if the competitors winning all the races left, well… I miss the Michael Schumacher era. ^^"

forums could still be very positive, but they choosed to cut and leave us alone

Every year I’ve watched F1 = Spoilers: It’s Hamilton. :rofl:

huuuuge finish by REGIN

I don’t know, I think the forums are just negative because they’re negative, the “complaint department.” People even come here, tell people to avoid the forums, tell people that the forums suck and everyone that posts here sucks, and then they keep posting. What a platform.

8 map series pls, ta

Please no, I want to play some Borderlands 3 today. Just win quick, Reign.

Yo, and every year, Vettel get’s more pissed it seems… :sweat_smile:

In other news: did we reached “Bastion meta” now? :thinking: What a game.


Any dislike towards this is trolling? What an echo chamber.

forums are in negative mode, because whe are left alone to speculate… nobody answers our questions and concerns

they dont even log in exept Josh and Michael

besides that we have our MVPs who are doing their best, much more than blizz themselves
in my opinnion blizz ows a 2 year salary and huge bonus to MVPs