Atlanta Reign vs. Florida Mayhem - FINAL

May Melee • Week 1


Atlanta Reign
Florida Mayhem
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League Points: 0

Final Score


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Bear in mind, this one is worth DOUBLE POINTS on Pickem. My prediction? 3-2 Mayhem.


Pick’em sounds like a waste of time to me. No league tokens…

Hopefully west games pick up the hype… gameplay from todays games have been :yawning_face:

as usual, as a florida resident, im predicting 3-1 for the mayhem

Hope Atlanta takes this one.

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That’s why I keep telling folks that APAC OWL is REAL OWL…and that’s why I’ll ruin my sleep schedule to do so.

On a happy note, I have finished my first day at the Geology conference and now I can turn my full attention to the live OWL feed! Let’s go!

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Well off to a BBQ. Y’all have fun now. Can’t wait for the Shock match tomorrow. :metal:

That pulse bomb was wild

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Yaki popped off with amazing Tracer Tempo

Spawn camping in OWL

good lord this matchmaker…

And that’s the first Charlie Niner of the match…and that’s the first snowman’s head to go flying!

Edit: Make that two Charlie Niners, with two snowmen’s heads going flying IN THE SAME ROUND!

Ok…Florida is throwing this round

Atlanta 3-1 they’re just better👀

Florida takes map one, then Charlie Niners TWICE in the same map, leaving the match tied at the break.


Ilios (Control): Florida Mayhem 2, Atlanta Reign 1

Eichenwalde (Hybrid): Atlanta Reign 2, Florida Mayhem 1

MATCH SCORE: Atlanta Reign 1, Florida Mayhem 1


Sideshow’s mic is dying

Anddd pelican threw with the solo EMP

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I found myself giggling throughout Eichenwalde.

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Yeah, Mayhem, if you could let the Reign win this map and then go and win the Tiebreaker Control map, that would be great, thanks.

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Dva yyyyyuuuuuuugggggeeeeee