"At one point we considered 3-2-1"

Forums: “Wow so jeff is switching the game to 3-2-1? I’m outtie, f this game”.

Like calm down folks lol. Actually read what was said.

It’s one thing to discuss the implications of such a change, but to act like it’s set in stone is silly. He said they experimented with it, not that it’s coming to the game for sure.


Twitter has destroyed the concept of reading comprehension. Over 160 chars these days and things go off the rails.

I’m pretty sure the devs are having a good laugh and doodling people with steam coming out of their ears while they read the responses.


Any change that they devoted two months of internal testing to and openly admitted that they discussed bringing to the PTR has to be taken seriously. Devs don’t devote scarce time and resources like that without some form of the changes being pushed through. So, yes, I do suspect there’s a much greater than non-zero chance that we’ll see this in the future…and it’s better the community say something now then after it’s foisted on us.


He isn’t saying that it is coming, but this also doesn’t sound like it is off the table completely.

Also he is explicitly asking the community for feedback :woman_shrugging:


i’m sorry, i should’t say stuff thats true, thats just rude