At any point this side of the year will we see sombra bug fixes?

Please, on live servers I’ve play ONE no limits game as sombra. That’s one attacking round, no defending round. I ran into 3 bugs within that ONE game.

  1. Her ghost translocate where you attempt to translocate at the last couple remaining seconds (and actually teleport back to your translocator) but still get killed. My ping was at a steady 40ms. But it’s favor the shooter in this game, right?

  2. Her ghost translocator placement where you have to press her translocator twice to actually throw it. The ability does not go on cooldown, it just doesn’t do anything the first time except her pretending she’s throwing it.

  3. Lastly, her translocator spinning bug where you teleport and face in a totally different directions from what you are facing.

I get it, bugs are hard to squash especially in a game with an immense amount of code. But this has CONSTANTLY been reported. Can we at least get an acknowledgement that you’re looking into it? Us Sombra mains feel burned by you.

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yeah same thing with the bugs on xbox one with invisible character models and more… it probably is really hard to fix bugs but i don’t want to have to worry for a long time about if blizzard is going to fix the bugs ( probably not since i haven’t seen many posts about the bugs ).

We’ve basically made a mega thread of sombra bugs and just dumped every instance of the bug we can find there. We did eventually get a response.

Quite a few have been fixed and they’re apparently working on the rest of the list. Instances of the hack bug has gone way down. I think i’ve run into a few in the last week, which unfortunately i didn’t manage to record, but that’s a far cry from before where i was getting a handful every game.