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I was looking forward to playing Overwatch 2. Until I tried to launch the game and it told me that I needed to add a phone number. I’ve not had a mobile phone for over Two years and nor do I want a mobile. Now I’m not too clued up on why this is needed. Maybe someone could explain this to me. People like me who don’t have a phone are simply not able to play the game. I could go out and buy a phone and a pay as you go sim, but why should I have to do this just to play a game? I’ve never saw a system so stupid in my life.


I’ve heard they aren’t letting pay as you go things work for this. It’s beyond screwed up. They added it apparently as a differing feature for hackers or something to that effect.

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If that is true, then that is crazy. I’ve got to take out a contract for 12/18 month just to play a game. I don’t bloody think so. It’s a “free to play” game but you need to pay a mobile company every month. I’ll just not play the game. It’s scary to think that they actually need a contract type of phone. If this is the way free to play games will be going in the future needing personal information, then God help us.

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For details you can check my other post but TDLR is they wanna make more money, data is big money, free to play model makes it easy to lure people in just like with mobile games.
If enough of us stand up against it they’ll have to rethink it.

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Currently, prepaid phone numbers do not meet the requirements for the SMS verification service that Blizzard uses. You will need a postpaid number to log in and play Overwatch 2.

I do not work at Blizzard, just delivering the info.

I understand you don’t work for the company. if I don’t have a phone in the first place and nor do I want a phone then I simply can’t play the game. Not everyone has a phone. In England, there is a cost of living crisis where people can’t afford to heat their homes and pay for food. I’d imagine this sort of thing is everywhere in the world at the moment. Why do I need to pay for a contract to play a free to play game? Doesn’t really seem free at all. There’s a good old saying which goes “there’s no such thing as free”

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There’s an update on phone requirements:

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