Ask “What is your favorite _____” to the poster below you

Dropping candy on a sleeping enemy as Ana (idk if that counts)

What is your favorite skin?

Genji lunar new year

what is your favorite map

What’s your favorite course?

Could you explain what you mean?

I’m guessing it’s not Overwatch related, so here’s another question:

Which Overwatch developer quote is your favorite?

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Sticking with the theme, which Overwatch developer is your favorite?

My name is Jeff from the Overwatch team

What is your favorite event skin from Anniversary?

Cyberninja (hanzo)

what’s the most annoying hero too you ingame


What’s your least favorite skin?

That’d probably be the jester and fool junkrat skin

What’s your favorite map?

Lijang Tower.
Whats your favourite meta?

Triple tank.

Favorite payload vehicle?

Junkertown’s payload.

Who is you worst hero?


Worst patch in Overwatch history?

When they gave Junkrat two mines. Shudder

Who is your bae?

Um…um…D. Va I guess?

What’s your least favorite skin?

Most Zarya skins, probably the totally 80s one.

What is your favorite Hanzo cosmetic?

Casual or Scion Hanzo skins.

Favourite hero from each category?

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Tank: D.Va
Support: Symmetra
Offensive: Reaper
Defensive: Mei

What is your favourite foot step sound in Overwatch?

Symmetra. High heels going click click as I microwave my enemies to death.

Favourite spray?