Ashe un-scoping issues


There is a bug that if you try to fire after you un-scope the shot either gets delayed about a second or it takes multiple button presses to fire. Anyone else have this issue?


Yes i have the same issue, i don’t know how to feel about this one. Is it intended or is it a bug ? Whatever it is, it feels like the character won’t let you react faster enought to some situations. It’s kinda frustrating.

Do i have to deal with it and never fire unscoped righter after a scoped one ? idk.


I’m having that issue was well. I also noticed the same thing happens when you try to reload after your last shot through the scope; there is a pretty noticeable delay before she attempts to reload.


The problem is that the fire cooldown on the gun affects all of her other gun abilities like primary fire and reloading. Thee primary fire thing isn’t such a big deal. tbh I think it is even better if it stays, otherwise you will be able to do 200+ dmg practically instantly. You can still do it almost instantly if you do normal primary fire and then scope which is very strong but you still need to hit your first shot (though body shot also is enough at most ranges). If you scope and get a headshot it will be way too op to be able to instantly follow it up with an easy body shot spam and practically insta kill. The delay on the reloading though is just stupid.


Shooting while ADS has a slower reload. Makes sense, since ADS also does more damage. Hip fire has less damage and a faster reload. It seems if you ADS, shoot, unscope, and then ADS again that the reload time is actually the combination of the hip fire and ADS reload time. They need something in place to prevent quick scoping to achieve a faster reload time and high damage output, however the current system seems bugged.


Posted about this on her release

Guess devs couldnt be bothered


Actually if you visit PTR 0.31 Ashe’s quickscopes and even scope feeling in general feels better, like more responsive.


maybe because it’s intentional?

you can’t shoot a certain time after firing a scoped shot, why would unscoping change that?

the time it takes until you can fire is the exact same as the time between two scoped shots without unscoping in between