Ashe Low FPS Scope Animation


Her scope and unscope animation feels sluggish and jarring. I think the animation plays at 30 fps? I feel like I’m lagging when I try to hone in on an enemy at longer range. I play at 144 fps and having Ashe’s scope feel so much slower and by that much, it’s really hard to play her and enjoy. Ana and Widow don’t have this issue so I hope it gets fixed soon. I also know there is an outline bug that I didn’t really notice, probably because I’m not super observant for stuff like that, but when it’s a thing that I just ‘feel’, like framerate, it’s just more noticeable to me.

Also: It’s not my fps that drops while I scope or unscope, it’s just the animation that looks like a slideshow.

(Sorry I put this in general bug report and not PTR, just moving it over here and deleting the older post)


Same issue here. Playing in a 144Hz monitor with 150+ fps, the scope in/out feels REALLY clunky, it seems like the animations plays at 60 or possibly 30 fps.


I agree, why can’t Blizzard ever just get such simple stuff like this right? This game has ruined the idea of “Blizzard polish” for me forever. Widow makers animation is the same and they never fixed it so unfortunately I don’t think Blizzard will ever bother fixing this.


Widow’s animation IS NOT the same