As the Queen decrees: The Overwatch 2 Beta comes to an end

I’m taking this list of needed changes directly to blizzard hq in kerguelen

Like say… fox girl, who will be in the next Beta?

Totally - I don’t know how they are going to manage it. I think they are WELL painted into a corner here.

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Huh? Just because you took down a beta october suddenly comes faster? Seems like an eternity to expect players to waste time worrying about OW1 that is dead and gone…

Uninstalled ow1 mid beta when all the heroes i enjoy were either nerfed/changed/reclassed… loved mei, bastion,doom and sym… loathe all of them in ow2 and stopped playing mid beta 2 as it is hitscan only now… last of the dps i enjoy pharah is destroyed by the fact that EVERYTHING in the game is fffff hitscan and needs mercy more than ever…

Hilariously i was hoping to jeebus that you would nerf mercy GA so she can only fly to pharah once every 10 or so seconds to heal and give some survive to pharah but ofc not… worst changes of any game i have ever enjoyed and after playing since beta the game is dead to me… it pushed me to finally get a VR headset since the last game i enjoyed was no more and i am greatful… will never play a pancake game again :slight_smile:

uh what? Her kit is a retooled Hog hook, an ult that is Rein charge+ ana Nade, a Rein hammer swing but in Axe form, a Lucio speed boost with mini beat attached, and a unique healing mechanic. I am genuinely curious how you get DPS out of that. She does not even do that much damage.

Her entire kit is a mixture of other Support and Tank abilities, but somehow you think that makes someone a DPS?

It is more than clear that she has started as a reaper clone and then just had all these stolen abilities from other heroes added to her.

Design wise, just like sigma, there is nothing original about her kit.

Nothing to address. New support character will balance out the queue times between all three more, and the playerbase will be significantly larger on launch meaning queues will be shorter

i disagree. i think her knoif is pretty original since the pull effect cant really be compared to hook it sits somewhere between a boop and a hook but feels pretty damn rewarding to pull off.

i also dont think every new hero has to bring some entirely new mechanic to the table. thats usually how games with initial cool concepts screw themselves over.

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It is literally hook with curved trajectory.
And the fact that you are even comparing it to existing abilities already tells enough about how much “original” it is.

what’s the point of a beta like this if it ends so quickly? i barely played it

The only thing she has in common with Reaper is that she uses a shotgun which looks and functions more like Roadhog’s scrap gun so that is yet ANOTHER quality she shares with a Tank.

She is just Rein meets Roadhog with some Support utility thrown in.

As I call it, the beginning of the end of Overwatch’s golden years. May October 4th come as slow as possible, if the OW team doesn’t eventually come to their senses and delay this update that needs at least 6 months of hard work to fix all the rampant issues :pray:


The spread size is more similar to reaper and also her model size closer to one of a dps.

And what the heck rein has to do with anything.

Also i am not saying she is not a tank but clearly she has been repurposed into one out of necessity just like doomfist.

Even calling it OW2 is a mouthful as it’s a simple update that goes against Overwatch’s game design (and yet they’re adamant about releasing it :sweat_smile:…).

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Each piece of feedback we received was incredibly valuable, and we were able to focus on both our technical and gameplay goals throughout the testing period!

“Except for those we have no time / are unwilling to actually reconsider as it’s better to just pretend they’re not an issue to the game, just like some of our players that are hyped with whatever it is that we’re implementing, as long as it’s called “OW2” :man_shrugging:

Edit : I didn’t bother giving feedback this time. It’s not worth wasting time over doing it. They’ll go with whatever they want, no matter how game breaking the outcome is.

Are you on console?

If you aren’t and you don’t know the disparity between the queue times and PC then it’s quite dismissive to say there is nothing to address.

I’m not, but practically every console player I personally know wasn’t even aware the beta was available to them.

Again, there’s going to be significantly more players on launch. The queue times during the beta are meaningless

It’s not like they had a choice. They WANTED to push it back to next year remember. I’m hey announces it and shareholders, sponsors and fans lost their minds.

They didn’t push for this. They are enslaved to it.

For the love of God, just drop these GA changes completely, I couldn’t believe how much better she felt in OW1, drop the c/d on rez in OW 2 a bit and that will make up for her lack of burst heals. All you need to do.

You get a good feel for the relative intelligence of a person when they drone on about queue times looking at a beta right? Especially considering the impact that adding new characters into a role has and major reworks brings. All Supports got were low level tweaks relatively speaking, no surprise people weren’t jumping in. Once Fox-Girl drops expect queue times in Beta phase 3 to be more even, but as they open the door each time to more players, the queues in beta will still be skewed. Only after a few weeks past launch will they start to settle down to normal.

Queue times are meaningful enough to be mentioned on their only blog post for the beta. It’s an issue they felt important enough to specifically address (because obviously it is important) - they just only addressed the PC queue times.

Now we have a few theories:

  • one is that there are so few players that even with an unlimited MMR range, and even though console crossplay is a goal for this beta, we cannot find a game before 20-30 minutes for tank.
  • another is that the new changes for tank and DPS were being tested for the first time as there was no beta 1 so the numbers are skewed

We don’t know the reason but you are pretending to. For something so bad, I shouldn’t have to speculate with someone that obviously doesn’t care.

We should have something from Blizzard just like the PC players have.

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I guarantee you it’s this mostly.

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