As the Queen decrees: The Overwatch 2 Beta comes to an end

I’m so sad because of this.

Suppose I can just continue playing Sims 4 for now.


If it makes you feel better, queue times are worrying on PC, too. During this last day of beta, the estimates have been at >10m/>10m/<2m for tank/DPS/support respectively; queue times when I played support were in actuality something like twenty seconds. :grimacing:


Played exclusively support through beta 2- queue was never more than 15-20 seconds.

EDIT: don’t recall that it was any longer for beta 1, but it’s indicative of a long-standing problem with the role.

MAYBE a new hero will draw interest, but if they can’t make supports feel better by the end of beta 3, I suspect tanks and DPS are in for a painful launch in terms of queues.



Try literally 2 sec for me when I was queuing support, they definitely need to address it, I don’t think supports are weak per say, but people keep saying they are Less fun than the other two roles, so blizzards gotta think what can help this, I say new heroes and hero reworks on lowest played heroes would be my solution. At the same time tho ana needs some nerfs, and that’s coming from a ana main lol


Well let’s take a look.

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You… know her character background has already been established, and as a human, yes?


Support queues were quick during beta 1 too, but the other two roles had better queue time estimates.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the folks at Blizzard are in a cold sweat trying to work out how to turn it around for the long term, given that new heroes are a short term solution.

I don’t feel that supports are a bad experience either, although I didn’t play Mercy at all. The queue situation makes it look like I’m in the minority there, though. :pensive:

Ana’s already been nerfed with a longer Sleep CD and a lower Antinade duration. I think that instead of continuing to nerf her, they ought to introduce debuff resistance to the tank passive so that Ana (and Zen, and Moira, and any other debuff character) can be tuned versus tanks as opposed to versus everyone else. Otherwise the devs risk turning away Ana players and that’s not a good idea right now.


Yeah I should of been more specific ana isn’t OP, she’s just a tanks nightmare, they could def just nerf her abilities in a way when it involves tanks; I think that would be a good balanced solution


Also anti nade is just ridiculous now there is no shields. I think turning that into a heal reduction could be a balanced solution, but that’s just an old man casuals opinion loll


I think Mercy and Junkrat have found an interesting position in this beta.

But I expect there to be severe new developments for Mei, Symmetra and Moira who honestly have been very unconvinced, in one way or another.

So I notice the OW2 Beta pack is still up to purchase.

I got the pack this past week because there was no mention on the store page of an end date to this. Paid $40 just to play about 10 matches, and now today OW2 uninstalled, and a promise of OW2 skins, some credits, and a copy of the game I already own… How is this a fair trade?


This saddens me. RIP the good game, hello OW2.


Username checks out.


I’m going to paraphrase you real quick, if you don’t mind.

“Lol, tanks suck and we like it that way.”

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If in the next beta supports doesn’t get a full rework (and fixing Mercy), it will be a complete flop and tanks and dps will enjoy queues of 50 minutes or more.

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It was just a joke on your name dude. Didn’t say I didn’t agree with you, you ok?

I’m sorry to hear that you fell foul of the cash grab. If you didn’t spend much time in the beta, maybe you can still get a refund?

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Well, I had a ton of fun playing the Beta as a tank main. Hadn’t played OW December or so. Sorry to see it go. Tanks felt really good, on the whole. Might have been novelty of new things, but man I had a blast playing everybody but Hog.

Also played some DPS for the first time since Sigma released (3 years or so?).

Just a bit of support. Brig is still fun, Zen is a beast, and I had a good time even if bad games felt like respawn simulator.

I really hope we get an open beta yet before the launch in Oct so I can play some more. But otherwise I’m back to no OW until then.

I played JQ for like 3 days at random and got the new map only twice (the last of which I just quit because of so much braindead teammates).

JQ was fun but I am not a fan of long cooldowns. Also it is clear that she is just repurposed dps and sometimes is even harder to tell her apart from the rest of the team.

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we want another beta!

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