As a Sombra main, Hack shouldn’t hurt Lucio as much as it does


Don’t even bother starting a thread with “as a x main” if your profile is going to be private. It’s meaningless.


I’m not a PC player, in fact this isn’t even my main account anymore as my brother left with his PS4 which was the platform I used to play on, I had to get my own new one. I’ve never changed the settings for it, it’s not my fault default is Private. I can tell you though that on this account has something like 60 hours on Sombra, I don’t know about the one I play on now


Hot take: Let Lucio keep his auras, but make hack reduce outgoing healing, for all other healers as well, by around 30%
Or make hacked targets receive 30% less healing.


he does such a good job changing colours


I don’t like it either

on the other hand it is consistent

maybe a middle ground would be to only allow the aura to work on Lucio himself when hacked. After all, he does have reduced healing on himself normally.

a funny counter would be to let Lucio spot an invisible Sombra if she gets inside his aura


Unless he’s stalling the point, Lucio is usually at the bottom of the hack priority list. If you add this, he’ll be the one hacked the most.


Maybe if Crossfade were an actual passive it could stay on hack, but it is an actual ability hands down. Sure it’s always active, but it is classified as an ability, & requires the ability 1 input to change nonetheless. The most sensible way to adjust it (in favor of Lucio) is to treat it like Bastion’s multiple configurations & always force him to go back to his default song.
Otherwise though it shouldn’t be about letting Lucio heal while hacked because everyone else can, not everybody needs to be on the same level at any given moment. That just shows that Lucio is reliant on his abilities to heal just like how Doomfist is reliant on abilities to deal damage, it’s one of the risks of running that type of hero. It’s about consistency with how the abilities work in the first place, & Crossfade most certainly falls under what should be hacked.


It doesn’t imply he has more than one weapon because of the note about quick melee, which is an additional source of damage besides his shotguns that returns health. A lot of people don’t know he gets life steal from that. I didn’t know for the longest.

And I don’t think Reaper is naked.


once Sombra hacks, she’s generally not going back to invisibility right away


Opposing view: As a Sombra main, I think it should - Lucio is powerful enough as it is, the decision to limit him and his impacts in comps like GOATs is sorely needed.

If Fitzyhere is corrrect expect a nerf anyway to Sombra’s hack, probably to four seconds or five.


If GOATs dies, Sombra will probably be less favored by the meta. She’s mostly seen play against very specific things.


She’s so useful across all contexts, I seriously doubt that personally. Most predictions on the outcome of the current PTR patches on GOATs and a subsequent meta generally favor Sombra.


I’ll believe it when I see it. The perception of her has always been stronger than the reality.


Yes sombra main with private profile! Seen this kinda “posts” before!


That’s the thing, Lucio’s should NOT be effected, its not brgitte keeping hers that is weird, its lucio losing his.


Neither is weird.


You say ‘as a Sombra main’ as if that makes your opinion far superior to others.


Due to the stereopye that people usually play off from nerfs/buffs. IE if one plays said hero, than one doesn’t want that hero nerfed, thus is they think entity isn’t fair, it cares more weight than if one was a different hero, especially if said hero is of the one being buffed.


It isn’t actually that inconsistent. I made a flow chart to help people.


Intitially i also was in favor of this just making it disable wallride and not his crossfade altogether. However since Lucio is a goats enabler and Sombra is one of the limited dps heroes which is viable against it, i dont believe blizzard will change that interaction in the near future unless the next patch kills goats completely.