As a former apologist, I have lost hope

Not really, the updates are just rare. But the devs always try to give the players something meaningful with each update like a rework or a new mechanic and good balance changes.
I feel like because of the lawsuit things kinda slowed down, but this is the only game that doesn’t upset me with new things.

i dont mind 2023 relase, but plz plz give it ow1 content

new hero, and new hero every 6 month wouldnt too much too ask?


“We have 5 more deathmatch maps in the making. Look forward to it.”


Ah yes, blizzard the small indie dev team with no financial support during covid. Difficult times.


Did u noticed that all your replay’s is kind the same over the last year ?
all i can see from you , in every replay i see from you is you saying: “I knew it , i know everything, you fools and im the best”.
please stop with those “toxic” feedback, we all know you knew it much faster then most of us. i dont know why you keep show us that u know what future hold. good for you.

Yes because nothing has changed.

I haven’t called anyone a fool or anything like that. I am trying to be informative because I speak from experience. It is your decision if you have decide to listen or not.


With all those 25k commnets that u done,
Does the devs once listen to you ?
Did you try to contect them insted of random replay here and there ?
If you think you have much better ideas for the game then i recommend you to get contect with the devs cuz we are all know the last thing for them to do is to listen to comuinty so i see no propse for your ‘negtive’ coments.

I lost hope the moment they announced 5v5. Not just because I think it’s a bad move in general - but because it’s a huge overhaul to the game that isn’t coming because Blizzard think the matches would be better this way - but because they’re incapable of fixing queue times in a better way.

So many options exist to remedy the queue situation but they went with the one that involves sabotaging more than half the cast, putting the tank players into a high stress, burden-laced situation and utterly undermined half a decade of balancing.

I’m actually glad they knocked it back into 2023. They’re going to need all the time available to them to make any kind of success out of this corner they’ve painted themselves into. Heck, they might even need a year to revert 5v5 if that is on the cards (rumours are that the 5v5 showcase is an unmitigated disaster internally).


Do they even listen to anyone?

What is 1 person opinion going to change if they don’t even read the opinion of many?

The devs are not allowed to use specific ideas by players because they may get sued if the person demands ownership.

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Wait really? I didn’t know that

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Welcome to the club, my friend.

It’s not a fun place to be.

I was a huge huge huge Blizzard fan. I’ve been playing their games since 2002. At one point I had over 6000 hours in WoW, 2000 in OW, and I can’t even count how much in Diablo. I have purchased well over 5k in merchandise which is in display on my home. I have a fricken WoW tattoo.

But the company has been nothing but disappointment after disappointment over the last almost decade. They’ve seriously lost the plot and lost the connection to the playerbase. They stopped being gamers making games for gamers and started being developers answering to shareholders who probably have never picked up a Blizzard title let alone any game at all who think they know better.

It’s sad.

There is no excuse for OW2 being announced 2 years ago and still being 2 years off. There is no excuse that they’ve allowed OW1 to stagnate since 2019. There’s no excuse for them to slow down content updates in OW1 since 2017 for OW2.

They’ve made so many mistakes and I don’t know if they’ll be able to salvage the broken trust and relationship with their players. The best thing they could do is put out an apology letter, give a MASSIVE update for Winter event (like new mode, more than just 6-7 new skins, and maybe a new character). But we all know that won’t happen.

We can all rest a bit easier knowing nega5 has become enlightened.

Legends of runeterra and teamfight tactics are also fun riot games and for the fps craving Back 4 blood has been the best (but with friends the solo part isnt the best yet).

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That my friend is called activision, they have sucked all the creativity of blizzard right out.


I don’t get joy at reading this. It sucks, man…

But at least it’s nice to see that people are opening their eyes.

I do hope that after this news, they decide to release at least a couple of new heroes.
OW needs something new, and at this point, not even new maps for the regular modes would help.

will be a less pain if devs focus more on new heroes release, on a more regular patch balance notes, or significant content. so the wait will be less boring.

I’m on the same boat as you. After all my hope, all my concerns, all my tries of trying to be heard by the devs, I’ve lost all hope and interest in the game whatsoever, ever since papa Jeff left everything’s gone downhill.

Since the game is delayed so bad the least they could do is give ow1 new heros or maps that aren’t DM

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As I type this comment, bear in mind I’m sitting at my desktop PC which is contained in a NZXT case with a glowing Overwatch logo on the front panel. An official Tracer plush sits next to my monitor. Sitting on my desktop is a knit Tracer my 20-year old daughter made for me for my birthday. I have a custom Overwatch logo patch tacked to the wall that has my BattleTag embroidered on it.

It is my intention, upon completion of typing this comment, to uninstall Overwatch. I will then uninstall the Blizzard client. I will shop for a new desktop PC case. I will then play other games and boycott this utter ruin of a gaming company moving forward.

Should Blizzard ever grow a set, fire Kotick and separate permanently from Activision, I might consider playing a Blizzard game again. Maybe. But right now, I’m just disgusted.


yeah they can take longer to make a game if they need to. I will keep playing for now and maybe take a break if i get tired, its ok