As a former apologist, I have lost hope

I’m with you on ditching OW at this rate (at least for a while), but isn’t that a mobile game? Ain’t that desperate…

its basically the same as PC League.

…but designed for mobile?

Like what makes it fresh at all?

I played LoL for years before OW came out. It was a good game at it’s roots but they were horrible at balancing and you couldn’t surrender a match until 20 minutes, I’m not so keen to head back to that. Massive frustrating time sink.

Honestly, I’m sick of the wait too and done with this lol.

However, I don’t hate Team 4. I see a lot of people putting the blame on Team 4. Don’t do that. Blame Activision. Blame the execs that allowed this to even happen, by pushing for a sequel, then not being able to develop one.

Blame the execs that allowed such a toxic workplace environment.
Don’t blame the devs that clearly put so much work into this game, blame the higher ups who have no idea what they’re doing.

The devs don’t decide this, the higher-ups do. The devs don’t get a say.


Yep! That is true, I never hated Team 4 but the higher ups are disgusting. :+1:

Its exactly the same game but with streamlined controls and slightly less content. I don’t have a PC anymore myself so perfect for me! I’m waiting for the Valorant port too that is in development.

Also, they have greg street (ghostcrawler) >_>

Look at the wow team they made one content patch in a year. You think this team was in a different hell even under Kaplan the content Pace was glacial at best.

I predicted it, I thought it wasn’t coming out until 2023. LOL
Not surprised at all.


Overwatch mobile :face_vomiting:

The scariest part is, the mobile market seems to be doing well which incentives the video game company to focus more on that instead of PC/Console gaming. Remember Konami focusing more on mobile market after the split with Kojima? Konami made tons of revenue from that decision. But maybe that only worked because mobile gaming is more popular in East Asia.

I really hope that mobile gaming isn’t going to become more popular than it already is. I can’t afford to keep upgrading my smart phone every other year, I’m not rich enough to do that. Smart phones are expensive enough as it is already not to mention I barely use them.

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Diablo 3 took that spot…

Can we take a minute to talk about how everyone was dumping on that leaker guy Metro, for saying that sources told him it probably wouldn’t be till 2023 because they told him there was a lot of work yet to be done like hero reworks? Then people were like “Oh he was full of it, Blizz says April, 2022” and here we are hearing 2023 again?

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Welcome to the dark side, Darth Nega5

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There’s always Battlefield 2042. lol
But anyway, I could play overwatch for another 5 years.
Good games last a decade easy.

Not everyone who gets spat on calls it moisturizer. But to each their own.


That is just sad… Can’t wait to see 2-2-2 top500 starts in mid diamond in probably half a year…

I need to chime in on record, too.

OW2 was the game I was looking forward to more than any other game. I’m an MMO player mostly, but I completely adore the Overwatch universe. I played the demo while at Blizzcon 2019. PvE content! They amped it up like it was due for release within a year, made it look like it was mostly complete. I was really pumped. The trailer game me chills.

We haven’t had a new hero since Echo… which was…what… like April 2020? And her release was like 8 months after Sigma. No new maps (I don’t count deathmatch, because I dont play it, nor does anyone else, it seems like…), no new events, existing events get new skins, and that’s it. New skins are great (even tho y’all arent even the ones who make the skins), the Halloween skins were excellent… but…

Where’s the content? Y’all had so much focus on OW2 that you pretty much bailed on Overwatch. We trusted that putting Overwatch on maintenance mode was worth it because OW2 was right around the corner. I can’t overstate my disappointment. We’re firmly in korean MMO western release territory here. My disappointment right now is legendary.

I gotta ask Blizz… I mean I know y’all have your drama going on and a lot on your plate, but… what the hell have y’all been doing the past 2 years? Was OW2 actually a dumpster fire all this time?

This latest update didn’t read like ‘it needs more polish and a few more months’. It read like ‘we’re scrapping the game and starting completely over’. So what the hell is going on?

At this point, OW2 better be a grand slam, the best game on the market, to warrant a 5 year development period and shelving Overwatch.

Sorry. Rant over. Just needed to get that off my chest.


Yes. Yes, it does. Which is why I keep saying we should drop this “one more hero till OW2” (which was Echo) idea and start putting meaningful content back into the game.


At this rate it will never be finished. And it wouldn’t matter as much if the base game was still getting updates other than skins and maybe a balance patch (oh, and deathmatch map that 90% of the playerbase will never even see).

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Join us in HotS!
Updates are rare here, but there’s so many heroes (90) that no one really complains about it much. It’s a fun game where the few devs that are actually left do their best to improve the game.

I thought that game was full on abandon?