As a former apologist, I have lost hope

This assumes they were even being productive at all to begin with. Almost all evidence implies otherwise.


Even if they weren’t productive, delaying OW2 gives us something salvageable, as opposed to a complete dumpster fire that lose all future hope for the IP.

If that were the case, I’d utterly prefer they keep updating the actual game, but too late for that now.

Same… I’m all out of copium at this point

But the game is not enjoyable for the vast majority of players…


Lost hope for what? A delayed game? Nobody is entitled to a game being released by a company. They can choose when it’s the right time for the game to be released and we as a consumer has the right to determine whether we will still be interested in the game by then. Some will, some might not as they get older and has to carry more responsiblities.

But there will always be others who will take their place and there’ll always be target audience as long the FPS genre doesn’t lose popularity. FPS genre seems to be doing pretty good now with all these games that’s been coming out in the last couple of years such as PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant etc. The fact of the matter is, OW1 is barely making enough money and we’re lucky to even receive so much free content despite this.

In the mean time, there are other games people can go and enjoy while waiting for OW2 including, but not limited to games made by Blizzard. The only thing that’s going to stop me from playing OW1 is lack of playerbase tbh, not from lack of content.

At the same time, I can see why people are disappointed though, since they really love this game and want more of it.

This too. Wc3 franchise (or at least the remake, reforged) is dead for good now because they rushed the game and outsourced everything.

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The game, queue times for damage players aside, is fine for the most part. A couple of characters could stand to see changes, but aside from them everything works fine.

The game is certainly enjoyable, this place just won’t give you that impression.

Also it’s not like they’ve stopped updating the game

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Inb4 it’s a cyberpunk situation lol

This is what happened when you fired all the competence people and replace them with people who only care about twitter politic. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


It could be, but then again they never promised or even hinted at when we were getting the game now did they?

They’ve only told us that it’s not coming soon and nothing more

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Cyberpunk was also a rushed game since it was clear that it needed more time and development but had to be pushed out for sales.

It’s pretty wild to think that when OW launched, it was the crown jewel of an almost universally liked and well respected developer.

It is truly difficult to think of another studio that went downhill this fast or this badly.


The signs was already there, I think most of us just didnt see it.

If you told me CD projeckt red would mess up their next game or that Naughty Dog story would be terrible a few years ago, i would have laughed it off.


On the bright side, we get to play same content for another year! :confused:

I actually kind of did, having become skeptical of Blizzard around the time of Diablo III. But I was the exception.

Overwatch was the opportunity to win me back. And it almost did! But it was so badly mismanaged… and now its going to be irrelevant by the time of OW2. Or, realistically, Bliz will be shuttered by Activision and OW2 won’t ever actually come out. Blizzard is obviously completely dysfunctional and is becoming unable to develop anything.


Remember, Blizzard had to remove quite a few people from not only the WoW team, but also the Overwatch team due to their actions towards their co-workers. Stop trying to be one of those people who rush everything, and then we get an unfinished, overly rushed and buggy mess. If anything, you’re one of the people that makes it harder to ensure the game won’t just brick a PC or console due to wanting more and more. For all we know, we could get new content and new heros over the course of next year, we just have to wait and see.

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I’m the same as you. Woke up and jumped online to see if any new OW2 news had come out, even if just a post from AndyB, I love hearing about it.

But after the announcement that we won’t see it until 2023 I’ve completely lost hype and I’m actively seeking out other games to fill the time. By the time it releases I may not even want to dive back in after how the game has been treated.


I disagree, they can develop things. They just arent good in the follow up of patches.

But if you want realostic, OW2 will be developed and pushed out. Activision knows damn well to wait and see if OW can still generate revenue before sauntering them into the WoW or COD mines.

As to it being irrelevant, it wont garner the same hype but it prob will draw some of the crowd back. This is mainly dependant on the gameplay.

Frankly, i trust the OW team more than the WoW team anyways. It is a prettt low bar but at least the OW gives far more care.

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I would like that to be true. But, barring some kind of genius level management and recruitment going on, my guess is OW gets delayed two more times before Activision cancels it and absorbs the remaining parts of Bliz to make content for CoD.

I think Blizzard is a complete disaster behind the scenes now and I don’t see them shaking off this paralysis to any kind of greatness. Or even successfully putting out mediocrity honestly.

Realistically, that prob wont happen. Otherwise cyberpunmk or duke nukem would have been cancelled and never released due to scope.

Blizz might be trash fire now but there are still parts that knows what they are doing. The desperation also helps which I find that blizz do a better job when pressured.

Sides, bethesda and bioware is still around. And those companies released far more terrible and they werent canned.

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Are Bethesda and Bioware worse? Bethesda has Fallout 76 but as I understand it, it’s not a terrible game these days. Not great, but not as bad as when it launched. Bioware is the closest analogy, and yeah, Anthem was worse. But I don’t think Bioware will make it five more years either.