Armor nerf = Tracer Buff


Its also a nerf to Orisa, who is already very weak and super niche


It is a buff, it’s a buff to almost every DPS.
This opens the possibility for not only viable DPS in the meta (rather than 3-0-3), but also varied DPS picks due to the buff across the board.
Not sure why one hero would be the focus when this effects everyone.


I am right. Research mechanics before you open your trap.



Because you will see tracer more again, you won’t see more Soldier for example. You aren’t wrong, but I’m more focused on the reality we live in as opposed to the hopes and dreams of OW seeing more diverse meta.


Before dive Soldier, Genji and Widow were better than Tracer.
This change isn’t going to bring back dive, so why will we see Tracer more than others when we have seen before, she is never the strongest pick outside of dive?


Meet PTR

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – January 7, 2019:

Sure… looks like… bullets do… more damage… to armor.


There’s a reason they hate on a hero that’s been dead for a while and even in her peak was only seen for the top 10% of players.


Funny thing is tracer indeed was only played right by the top players like you correctly pointed out.

Goats is the same way but even less popular than Tracer ever was for countless seasons.


except on crits.

where it is +28%… good thing tanks don’t have big head hitboxes.

oh wait…

You see Crit modification happens BEFORE armor.


That’s why I changed the number from 10 to 6. Do you even understand what you are reading? Explain in your own words what the patch notes mean.


It means she doesn’t get a buff on body shots, but a 28% buff to headshots on tanks with large head hitboxes.

As she goes from 7 to 9 damage per bullet.


Haven’t other people already told you, crits. Top players who played Tracer aren’t body shotting you. Please move on mate I’m not trying to fisticuff with you lol.

This won’t change much at lower tiers, this will change stuff at higher tiers where all this stuff is focusing on.


It’s a buff for good tracer players which is like 10% of them. The rest will still be a throw pick.


What if you shoot them in the head?


Tracer hasn’t been a throw pick even when Brigitte was stronger. Good Tracers / bad enemy hitscan waste a lot of time trying to shoot a Tracer. Some healers even get triggered and waste time on Tracer instead of healing the team.

Just depends on how you use Tracer even if you can’t aim like a pro.


Yeah, you are right.

That was always the case, she is a problem in high Masters and GM, and not where else.

She isn’t a problem in 90% of the games, regardless.


I’m talking to the OP who is now just parroting the rest of you to save face. And the headshots does not mean Tracer is going to do 28% extra damage period. She has tons of spread on her gun. Based on overbuff, the average crit% for Tracer is 8%. She’ll do 28% more damage for 8% of her bullets. 2*.08*40. She’ll do 6 extra damage per clip. Truly a tank killer.


At gold whenever I see a Tracer I just go Roadhog. Time to go fishing for Tracers.


It is defiantly not 8 percent when your actually going for a kill. I don’t think alot is going to change but the changes will help her.


I go for Lucio and hunt them down. They don’t like being on the receiving end of that.