Aria Rose is Entitled


Here ya go! c:


I’d like everyone in that skit to be fired.


It’s honestly weird and off putting. I don’t get it, she posts here and makes videos. I don’t understand why people always want to talk about her specifically.


Her video on Effect is ridiculous lmao

Her comment section is even worse


You’re soft


I’m a Mercy main and I thought it was funny.


I think your a bit overaggressive on your word choices, but she has the tendency to be a bit entitled.


Not really true. She doesn’t make posts just on mercy. Hell she just made a video on sym, and talks about other heroes. She is simply making her case on how to fix mercy. And high level players really do dislike mercy a ton (cough cough emong). You are simply trying to call out a youtuber on a different platform, possibly to try and cause issues

If you have an issue with her, go comment on her videos. Not here


These posts never lead to any worthwhile discussion.


Eh, just felt the timing of the skit was off. With it coming after the nerf, people took it as a them poking fun at Mercy mains.


I was just about to say that.

I give this about…110 responses (give or take) before it’s 404’d.

That’s how the last thread like this ended.


Name checks out…


Was she wrong though? Not really.

The whole “DeleteBrig Movement” is silly.


Probably been said but calling out another user by name is against TOS/COC.
Hopefully you will ponder this during your upcoming timeout.


can a forum mod please lock this thread? its just here to spread hate and toxic behavior towards a single player which is bad and it has a persons name in the title which is also against COC


Hmm…I’m gonna say 100 (price is right strats).


I’m shocked they haven’t yet honestly. :woman_shrugging:


I know right, it was flagged and a mod was here when this thread was bumped after they locked a thread that was not responded to in four hours. It is a bit concerning. I was “automatically” suspended like ten minutes after making a joke in a dead thread and this thing that is blatantly against the rules and flagged like crazy is still up which is vaguely ironic given Aria Rose is vocal about the moderators not doing their jobs. Lul.

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I’m locking this topic as it breaches the Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines. Users who create topics with the intent to harass their fellow community members will find their accounts suspended.

Thank you.