Are you willing to adjust Genji's patch again after feedback

Are you willing to adjust Genji’s patch again after feedback?
Even now, it is vulnerable to mainstream picks Winston, Moira, and Zariya, but based on this Nuff figure, I think it has never been used. I think they’re telling us to leave the dragon sword and use it only as a dragon sword
The reality is that you get hit by the counter very simply… Even if Zariya gives him a barrier, he loses his turn, and Kiriko, who comes out these days, is an automatic game, so if healers take care of each other, they won’t die. It’s good to clean up the dragon’s sword
The reality is that the value of the hanta dragon sword is not as good as it used to be. How much higher will the entry barrier of the high Genji go up in the future… I lost my potential when my skills supported me
I don’t think he’s an assassin, but a sub-dealer who hits the last Personally, I think this patch was done by someone who didn’t do Genji in depth I wasn’t the kind of person who deserved to be nuffed. You’ll know after five rounds of the Kenji competition. If Sojeon had been knocked down like this, he would have understood