Are you kidding me?

There were so many hero balance changes put on the ptr, but Symmetra got nothing? Really? She needs lots of quality of life changes.


Oh but she did get something! A nice fat nerf.



Calm down. The chances are it’s a minor decrease in DPS, that while unwarranted, isn’t a fat nerf.

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When it’s on a hero who is probably the weakest hero in the DPS category, while ALSO buffing other DPS heroes around her, it’s a fat nerf.


(She also deals more damage at low charge, which you’re more likey to be on)

Oof. They should just up her beam damage at this point - it’s so weak.

How would you feel if she has more damage in her weapon and less damage in her turrets? And I mean with number changes that add up to a flat buff.

Absolutely fine by me. I prefer more damage under my control anyway.

I would rather she have a very strong weapon and teleporter and have the turrets as a supplement / utility than her main damage source. Would feel better for both me and my enemies.

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She got a nerf, i’m literally criying

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I don’t want a damage buff. I want another charge level. From 60 dps, each level would take 1 second to charge but only increase her damage by 30 dps. The max level would still be 180 dps.

I also want these changes:

Yeah I’d much prefer sym to work this way as well.

hey you told it all by yourself, it’s balance changes, symettra needs way more than a simple “balance change”.

The Junkrat mains are here for you. We know how you feel.

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Weakest hero

Soldier exists

ok buddy

People were quick to call the change a buff to Symm every time someone pointed out the fact she got 0 changes.

Now it’s actually been confirmed as a nerf people are backtracking and saying ‘oh but it’s not that big of a nerf’ LOL ugh your minds!

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It’s almost as if people’s minds change with the more information we get. This is a minor change, peroid.

That 0.17 sec is from starting with a lvl 1 beam, the values for lvl 1 and 2 aren’t as significantly affected by the change. However when you start attacking armor with level 3 you lose 24 DPS. Add healing from enemy team, and yeah, the nerf starts to become a problem.

I personally wouldn’t call it a minor change.