Are you guys really enjoying ranked?

I started playing OW when OW2 came out and just played the first season cause of the terrible ranked system. I got up to Plat1(DD) and was facing Dias and Masters as enemys. Worst thing about that was that my tank could be gold and enemys tank could be Dia+ which always resulted in a lose. Got fed up and stopped playing. (270 Games 145W/125L)

Now I started playing again for the 2nd time, got instantly ranked to plat2, first games were easy got promoted to plat1 and then it started going downhill. Played 65 games in total, won 26 and lost 39 and I never got downranked.
Its literally not fun anymore I either have a loss where we get steamrolled or we steamroll the enemys. There is barely a game that gets close, maybe 1 out of 10 are enjoyable. (1417 elims /623 deaths over 65 games as DD)

Edit: Just getting worse and worse. 34 wins and 54 losses at this point. I thought the system trys to force a 50% winrate? And still no derank, rating apparently went up.


It’s the only gamemode where payload feels like an actual game and not just “Defender Always Wins” so, yeah.


Age old question.

And my answer is no. So i just dont play it or play it very infrequently. This, after playing several thousand ranked games since ow2 launched…

I will only put my heart into it if they ever found a way to measure me as an individual and not by wins and losses.


I would love to enjoy it since the game itself is really really good. But the matchmaking is so bad and there are way to many unbalanced heros making it so hard to keep playing this game.

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I’m in your similar situation and I’m fairly happy. I’ve been bouncing between P2 and P1, because I’ll go 5-4, 5-5, on every card. I’m trying to reflect more on my gameplay and hero choices. I figure I’ll be allowed to be D5 after I grind it out for a while. Hopefully 5-10 more wins, but that could also mean huge loss streaks, I’ll just keep playing anyways.

This has weirdly been a good season for me and I’m finally almost out of metal ranks. I usually have much worse luck and play way less.

I’d be happy if I went 5-5 or 5-4 too, but I usually go like 5-8 / 5-10 or even worse

80% of the time I play I win like 80% of my games. But then there’s always that one day of the week where I go like 2 and 25 due to some extensive rigging and it negates everything. This has been happening since 2017 and it’s not a coincidence. So to answer your question no not really.


Literally played 4 today lost 4

to be fair, you likely loss 0. in a rigged environment you can only experience artificial defeats.

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I played 25 games today in total again, won 8 lost 15 and got ranked from bot 25% of plat1 to top 50% of my rank??? At least derank me so I can have enjoyable games. I m literally sitting at a 65% lose rate wtf


I started playing ranked in season 1 on my main account & that account is still sitting in elo hell.

When sr was a thing my gains & losses would be less than 5 sr per win/loss so i made a new account after it went f2p & placed that in mid diamond which was nice & after 5 seasons of ow2 that alt account sits in low masters so slowly but surely its climbing & i do enjoy the matches but it is very tedious.

The amount of time i would need to climb my main account out of gold is not a viable option.

Not really.

But QP is full of leavers and its almost imposible to get a full game with the same 9 other players.

Competitive offers that one advantage that there are less leavers so you have longer gameplay.

Also, I don’t really see the point to play in QP anymore tbh. You get nothing. If the game would be fun as itself it wouldn’t be a problem but the game is designed as competitive so what’s the point of struggling/raging in QP ? (I know, training new heroes or playing when you don’t necessarily have free 20mins ahead).

The steamroll effect got stronger since Steam players are coming up. I guess it will last for few weeks, needed time for their MMR to get refined.

platform ?
region ? na-east, na-west, na-midwest, na-south?
isp ?

nearly everyone i ask, will likely have the same answer. na-south. imo, most losing streaks occur in the south due to network neglect by devs.

EUW I m from germany

Don’t engage with that dude. Hes a rigged cultist and just weird. You won’t get a genuine answer about anything

Huh, who do you mean?

Anotherpick. Hes an interesting one…

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You seem like a veteran on here, is my matchmaking experience honestly normal or how its supposed to be?

The way ranks are displayed and feedback given to players is honestly terrible.

Ranks are slightly irrelevant in match making, but it does sound normal that you’ve kind of found your level for now.

This season what are your actual win rate % on your most played heroes?? Anywhere between 45-55% is pretty normal for someone in the right rank. 55%+ and you should slowly climb