Are you going to fix that stupid match event counter!

What the point of playing a match that should reward you the points towards weekly skin if it doesn’t count?
Is it really that hard to make sure that EVERY match adds 2 points to weekly score?
Realy there is no hope for ow2 if something easy is beyond your skill lvl.


yea, this was an issue with junkenstein’s revenge in june as well.
The only workaround that I am aware of is exiting the game (as in closing OW) and reentering after every game.

Thank for the tip. I didn’t realize there was a workaround.

Overwatch 2 will be great with the care the developers put into their product, by the way, kind of unrelated… But I just wanted to share how enthusiastic I am.

I somehow ended up with one more point than I should have gotten :thinking:

Yep, still have to do the workaround to get the points, shouldn’t have expected any less again this year.

I honestly don’t think it’s a bug, it’s a feature. IT forces you to play more games as you never know if half of your games won’t count.

But we know that once we play one game, we have to log back in and out again just to make another round count. Tried it again after doing one QP Classic match and it didn’t work, can’t even get this event over with by grinding Junkenstein to get the rewards anymore XD

How frequently does this happen to you guys? Because it’s literally never happened to me in any event.

It happened last year as well, I was more willing to play some matches for the skins but as I’ve been away from playing for several weeks I wanted to practice playing while getting the skin in PvE. Having to reset your console after every round is a lot of hassle and whatever is causing this hasn’t been addressed for this year it seems.
I don’t know if it’s just Junkenstein or not, I don’t recall if it happened during the Archives PvE missions as well but it wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

It is still not fixed? I just realized I haven’t gained any progress towards it.

And that’s the worse thing, playing all those rounds and then realising you weren’t contributing to the wins bar and it was mostly for naught, it happened to me as well last year when it started.

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I’ve never experienced nor heard of this issue before and I unlocked every event skin thus far right when they had to be unlocked.

I don’t know if it’s isolated to a certain platform but this is definately the second year this has been happening, I remember all the talk about finding a workaround to the problem. So much for wanting to grind it out on this mode.

Well, I’ve played 4 arcade matches, won three of them and got the first loot box for arcade.

Checked the challenge status …5 points

So either math has changed quite a bit, or there is a problem with their system.

Landing all the points even with the glitches won’t be a problem for me regardless, but their stuff should work. I can’t imagine it is so difficult to program a computer to do arithmetic. I used to do that in DOS basic 40 years ago.

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Questions: What modes are y’all playing that aren’t getting counted?
How often is this happening?

Never experienced it yet… or at least I don’t think I have, I tend to zone out my “progress” meter until I need to take a break for a bit.

Yup! This was the same problem with Junkenstein when the anniversary event came around. It’s like blizz KNOWS it is the fastest, easiest grind, so they purposely effed with it so you end up playing WAY more than you are supposed to. What ended up working for me, as others have said, is fully log out and log back in. We shouldn’t HAVE to do that, but blizz turned a blind eye to it during the anniversary, I am sure they will again for this…

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Only played Junkenstein’s Revenge on Normal so far, will get the points on first play, second go will earn no points towards the weekly rewards. I played a QP Classic game and then tried it again, still nothing without having to close the app and go back in.
I need to try and see if this happens if switch to Endless mode cause doing all that and not getting anything would be a real pain.

Works for me. played junkenstein repeatedly to close out the weekly rewards

For non-PVE modes

As a reminder, only games in any matchmaking mode should count. This means any custom games in the game browser DO NOT apply to earning rewards for the weekly challenges. If I remember right for Deathmatch, you must win the top place (not just top 4) to get the bonus point toward the 27 points to unlock the weekly challenge skin. Also you must play the game to the point to where the match is declared in order to earn the points, and leaving any time before will result in not earning any points. I believe there are some rules for backfilling too, but I am not entirely certain.

Remember you earn 1 point for playing an eligible game and 1 additional point for winning that game.

For PVE modes

There is a known bug that Blizzard has acknowledged in the #bug-report forum. Work around this by playing PVP modes instead.

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I was not aware that this was a known issue, thank you for clearing that up for us.

Ah PvP… not looking forward to it after several weeks away from OW but hopefully I won’t be suffering alone :upside_down_face:
Thank you again Wyoming