Are we going to see any Pharah changes soon?


Define a good place being F tier where everyone wanted her?


Pharmercy is a problem because Pharah is a problem.
She doesn’t need a nerf. Her flight just needs changed. Approaching the freakin’ skybox and being untouchable by basically the entire roster is not okay. She isn’t OP, but her design is unacceptable.


I don’t think she’s F-tier. She’s right in the middle on a usage chart. There are 14 heroes used more than her and 13 used less than her. And when you look at damage heroes specifically, there are 4 used more than Pharah and 10 used less than Pharah. And her win rate is over 50%, so she’s not hurting there.

If anything, she’s map dependent because she definitely has strong and weak maps. And she has some well defined counters that can force a switch, but she’s not F-tier.


Ok many problems with this post. A Pharah at the skybox is a sitting duck as she limits her mobility options and is very easy to spot. as for this most of the roster can’t touch her crap it isn’t and hasn’t been true for a long time.

Dva Widowmaker Sombra Mcree Hanzo Solider Bastion Orisa Torb Winston Roadhog Ana Zen Tracer Sym Mei Moria Genji and Zarya all have ways to output damage onto her.

Hell if your good enough with Junkrat Rineheart Lucio and Mercy you can deal damage to her as well.

Only brig reaper and doom have issues consistently doing anything to her becuase in the case of reaper it’s almost only with his ult’s vertical range or when she drops and Doom if he is high in the air at the time. As for Brig sure a brig can’t hit a pharah.


I bet you those numbers will drop soon when people realize diva recently got huge changes


Are you talking about the multi-shot changes that applied to a pretty large number of heroes? Reaper, Doomfist, D.Va, Genji, Roadhog, Torbjorn, etc…


Dude did u even read what u said?


Yes and there pretty strong in the cases of Reaper and Dva.


It affects any hero that fires more than one bullet at a time which is quite a few of them. And it was a bug fix anyway. It’s not specific to D.Va and Reaper and I think will affect Tracer too even though she wasn’t specifically listed.


my point is they benefited hugely


They are working as intended again. I don’t know when the bug was introduced, but fixing no reg headshots is just making them work correctly. Yeah, having shots actually count vs not register is a benefit, but that’s besides the point and is irrelevant to the conversation.

Pharah right now is straight up middle of the pack. Just over 50% win rate and right in the middle of the hero pool. And when it comes to damage heroes, she’s in the top 1/3, which is who she’s competing against for a spot anyway.


This is what I’d like to see done to her:


  • more consistent, as there are WAYY TOOO MANY times where I use it and it flings the enemy back like 3 inches. I get that Dva and Orisa should not receive the full KB when they shoot, but it doesn’t make sense when it feels the same for other heros.


  • id like to see it less bumpy. Make it so that when she’s done pressing space, she kinda arcs upward, that way you don’t need to constantly press space on/off. It will give her more airtime and make her flying less rocky since you won’t have to mash spacebar.

To compensate that, she gets a new ability:
Superhero landing:

  • It works EXACTLY like her highlight intro. She presses ctrl to drop fast, and does 70 damage when impacting the ground or target. She can also press ctrl again to cancel the landing, which makes for a skillful decrease in altitude.
  • the landing reduces her jump jets CD by 2 seconds.


  • has a 300% ally hitbox so it’s easier to heal her when she’s flying, since mercy is the only reliable healer that can heal Pharah. This makes it easier to hit her as an ally Ana, brig, or even Moira. Pharah should not be punished when her team cannot heal her.


  • can now cancel it like McCree


  • 130 on direct hit, 40-80 on splash, 1.5m range on splash. That way the Pharah needs to be more accurate to do more damage. In return for her being more accurate on direct hits, she gets more on direct hits.


I actually like this. Seems cool.


And completely unusable.

Im sure if you ask the experienced Pharah Mains here, Peregrine Fareeha, you’ll find the that the common consensus is that she’s really the most useful well within her counter’s ranges.

Past 60m, her shots will hit the broad side of a barn, but that’s all they’ll be hitting. Predicting enemy movements in a way that allows Pharah to hit them while at the top of a map is nigh impossible. Pharah’s at as much of a disadvantage if not more than the enemies hundreds of meters below her.


That way it gives Pharah the option to play more aggressively rather than the skybox hawk.

I didn’t feel the CD being reset on using the ability, since I feel it would give Pharah the mobility spam of Genji’s dash reset. But the -2s CD feels rewarding enough, especially when her rockets do still self-damage her.

As for the 70 damage, it’s low enough so that if she lands a direct hit on a rocket she’ll get the kill. The landing won’t apply CC/stun so it would still be possible to dodge it.

I can always drop it to 60 so that a punch can finish an enemy off, but only in case it proves to be too strong.


Within 1 second of rocket travel time is what I find works best.


Let me backtrack and rephrase myself.
Most heroes worth picking, that would basically ever be willfully picked, do consistently do nothing of real value to her.

Soldier can hit her. Great. When the hell are you gonna pick Soldier?
Winston can hit her? What good is that? Hog can hit her? No, not really.
Mei? Bastion? Torb? Sombra? Sym? These heroes almost don’t exist at all. And what? Sym landing shots on a not-bronze Pharah? Really? I mean, come on, really?
I suppose it’s correct. Sure, they can hit her, but randomly/accidentally tickling her does not provide any value.
A Winston chasing her around is a bad monkey. If this stuff is seriously happening where, say, a Genji shooting them out of the sky, one is either (1) At a really low rank where Pharahs are awful, or (2) At a really high one where the Genjis are god tier.

You’ve got hitscan. You’ve got DVA. That’s reasonably it. No one else will consistently be of any use when it comes to actually bringing her down.
You’re not gonna be defending KR and go, ‘Oh they have a Pharah, no worries, we have a Mccree’. There isn’t gonna be a Mccree. No one’s picking Mccree. There’s a reason for that: Hitscans are terrible apart from Widow/Hanzo. You don’t have hitscan, poof, you lose. End of discussion.

No other hero in the game forces your hand like that. There’s a reason there’s thousands of threads on this topic from last year about that notion.
And yes hitscan shuts her down hard. But that’s just stupid. Now we’ve got a hero that’s nearly unstoppable if you don’t counter her and nearly useless if you do. What kind of awful design is that.


Pharah has no hard counters.
If she get a change, it is less likely to be a buff.

Pharmercy has ruined a lot of games as well…


Buff to pharah are fine as long as they don’t come to console


Pharah is top DPS winrate and pickrate in all ranks on console, any buff to her would kill it more.