Are we ever going to get a word about Bastion?

Blizzard are scared of him

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Didn’t Ana kinda start the Bastion meta though due to nano boost? Idk though I wasn’t here during the Bastion meta.

Honestly with the track record of Blizzard lately your almost better off if they do ignore him. Maybe you’ll get lucky and a buff to another hero will make bastion meta again.

But with the track record thus far for reworks, I don’t think I’d want that kind of attention to any hero I enjoy. I shudder to think what will happen to Torb.

But I also highly doubt there will be any more press releases about reworks until they finish the ones they already told us about. I believe torb was the last one mentioned.

Here’s how they can fix him:

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Good game. Won a bunch of indie GotY awards, I think. Nice soundtrack, narration, and worldbuilding.

We certainly haven’t forgotten him.



Sounds good to me. Especially that E - Q change.

If you want a more detailed version of that concept, check out the link I posted above.

His state in the game is horrible. I feel sorry for people who really like him, but they can’t play him effectively, because he is simply… trash. I’m all up for some buffs to our omnic friend!

If he goes into tank mode on E, what does shift do when he’s in tank mode?

Turns him into Sentry, what else would it do?

Why sentry and not recon?

Because he would hit E to go back to recon, just like shift is currently in and out of sentry.

??? no one was. that was never a thing. idk what you are even talking about.

Do you remember 35% Ironclad? PS4 players remember. We had to deal with it significantly longer than PC players. Not that I want Bastion to remain a troll pick, but I really don’t want him to get another OP rework. Knowing Blizzard, they’d manage somehow.

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Shift isn’t “in and out of sentry” any more than Lucio’s shift is “in and out of speed”.

35% and the massive damage nerfs he received were terrible ideas that never should have happened.

That is how it functions. You hit shift to activate sentry and shift to get out of it. What separates it from crossfade it that he can have sentry “deactivated” and be pulled out of it by things like hook or hack(as oppose to trapping him in whatever form he was in).

No, shift is a toggle between sentry and recon. That’s why it’s called “reconfigure”, and not “configuration: sentry” (which itself is a passive).

This is why “Tank on E” gets a little weird. It would make far more sense to bake it into the normal reconfigure interface than some weird tri-state thing.

Exactly 35% iron clad

Regardless of the technicalities, I think it would make more sense for it to function like this:

Base form=Recon



Your transformation key of your current form=return to base form

This would mean he could shift between all three form with ease, instead of having to go from tank to recon in order to get to sentry.