Are we actually getting a Community Created Card?

Does this confirm the chance of getting one?

IF so, how soon?

Y’all I’m just so bored of this game right now, I need something to spice it up, so this would be AMAZING.


The concept of a “community driven experimental” confuses me since so many people have different opinions and Overwatch’s fan base has multiple sub communities. How would they even know what an apparent majority of people want? Will they poll on Twitter, Reddit, the forums? In-game poll perhaps?

The only way I see that working is that they make several drafts of experimental changes on paper and have polls in place for them. That being said, at that point no one would be happy because no one is making the actual changes, you’re just choosing between pre-selected stuff. What if you don’t even like the available options?


shoot ill often see 2 posts back to back saying the exact opposite…

i imagine itll be exactly what you think itll be…a mess


Yah, I can see them picking the absolutely worst ideas out of the bunch as an example of how the community can’t do better balance.


God I hope not

Especially not from this place lol


DVA is one of the strongest heroes right now and you’re asking for changes kek

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i think a patch based on flats’ suggestions would be great, but one based on samito’s would be godawful, so i hope it’s not just wide open to any suggestion

Nothing wrong with having fun.

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I would just make a form to gather an absurd amount of data and look for keywords from each ability/stat and cross reference with user data.

Why are u calling Flats and his chat a community, him and his chat are minority not community .
Also ur ideas all of of u guys including mine are not worth the shot for them (the responsibles) but some biased ideas by a t500 streamer is worth the attention .
This is what I got .

A minority can, and often is, a community. These forums are a minority, likely smaller than his unique views in a month (especially when you add in Emongg considering the context), but they are still a community.

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His chat is most likely biased towards his ideas , second : u can’t call ideas suggested and presented mostly by a single person (the streamer) a community, third : the suggestion feedback here exceeds what this streamer alone provide , forth this is the official forums of Overwatch this is not a random site , this is where the community should share their feedback , waiting for improvements from the Devs about communication.
Ur giving some streamer more credit than he deserves and he didn’t ask for it .
Yeah , keep defending streamers like they even care about OW forum users or the Forum itself .

I watched him put it together. With the exception of basically making Rein his prenerfed state he basically let chat come up with the ideas (though he did give them a direction such as “Let’s try to find a way to make either Orisa/Sigma have no shield” or “lets try to fix the fact that Zarya isn’t very good right now because when her personal bubble goes she goes bye bye”. So in a sense they were building their ideas through his suggestions.

Again though, who cares if it is a "random’ site or not. The OW subreddit is significantly bigger than these forums by a wide margin and both are still communities.

Remember one of the reasons the devs do not come on here is because of the current state of the forum, which while admittedly part of that is due to the developers part of that is due to the community itself. I get that you have an inherent bias against streamers, which is clear in how you talk about them, but their community is no less a community then ours and for putting together a community card it is probably much more useful as the streamer can serve as the funnel, weeding out the lets just call them bad ideas, instead of having a small team CM do it. This also allows a more direct communication point regarding maintaining the spirit of the changes if the change itself is not possible.

Basically if you are going to make a community driven card using these forums, you would likely need: some MVPs to filter, someone to at least give broad guidelines (such as no deleting heroes you do not like) and then put together the best of the ideas into a working package (then hopefully run it by some people who can play those heroes to make sure they all still function properly because the goal of a fun experimental is for everyone to be able to have fun) and then forward it to the developers and then implement it (likely by turning nobs in their version of workshop if we are being honest).

I am not saying all of that is impossible only that it would be a lot of work for various groups to put together and is harder to do then messaging some content creators and telling them to pool some suggestions and letting them manage their communities, like they already do.

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Thanks or explaining how the streamer changes were built .
I don’t have a bias against streamers , not at all , northing personal , I don’t even know them , I discuss ideas , the streamers in general don’t care about the forums and yet I see a lot of posts here just sharing what an X streamer said and everyone is reacting , I said that u guys giving them more credit .
For the ideas shared here , this is not my problem, I’m sharing my feedback like a lot of people do here , the Devs should manage to filter and take what can be helpful serious and good , if not I hope the responsible here just be honest and say that our feedback is not needed and I’ll stop sharing anything here .
I’m doing my best , but the Devs are still under a rock .

The april fools card was kinda community created. They took some stuff suggested on here like S76 doing headshot dmg in ult. Boy was I wrong on that one :sweat_smile:

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If they ever did a forums-driven balance patch… lets just say all of a sudden that pro ExC wouldnt seem so bad

Flats can literally play one hero and is God awful at the other tanks, his ideas are also terrible

Nah, even as a joke, I have to be straight up, nothing would be that bad.

I’m assuming ur ideas are gonna be bad .

Unfortunately one of the issues is that even if they do pick some of the worst ones, a lot of people will probably still praise it just for being different. For example, look at the April fools patch. Although there were some changes that were within reason, a lot of it was complete nonsense. It was highly praised for offering a unique experience, but faced little criticism because people who didn’t like it just didn’t play it instead of trying to offer feedback, since they knew it was just a limited time optional mode that was never going to go live.

To get real feedback, they’d have to propose the changes as potential real changes to go live, and only inform everyone afterwards that it was from a forum user. This probably wouldn’t be very popular as it would kind of be a way of insulting calling out users for their bad ideas. If they dont call it out as a user change the same criticism now just applies to the devs and and people lose faith in their balancing decisions even more so than now. Seems like a lose-lose in many cases.