Are they going to rework the report system?

Let’s look at the facts, OW2 will be 5 V 5. If one player or multiple players on 1 team or the other decide to be bad players will reports actually do something? We all know that the system we have now is a joke.

So will it get buffed for OW2? Will it be the same? We all get a bad player/s from time to time. Bronze gets 1 a game generally. Usually more. Going with 5 v 5 will make it a very unenjoyable game.


Aint broke, dont fix.

Cant be broke if it never worked to begin with.


That’s a very valid point

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Reports are not a joke, ya no they cant immediately resolve an issue. And depending on the offense it might take a day or so for them to look into it.

But like if like even in team reports some, i can confirm you will be notified of such in the next day or two…

Unless of course nothing was found, like you known someone popping off one game. But that was ultimately do to circumstances then actually cheating. Like a ball hog comp playing into a mei and reaper.

When you are in bronze they are. Can imagine that GM players will be actioned quicker. But it doesn’t matter how many players report some in bronze nothing is ever done. I see the same players doing things that are against the TOS. They keep on keeping on.

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Report more, im gold and plat.

And reports go through all the time.

Probably. Saw blue post about stuff pertaining to that earlier. But really don’t care to dig because these forums suck.

Edit: here i put in effort.

The standard(s) of gameplay should be much, much more lenient in bronze. And even more lenient in casual modes. “Not how most people act” is literally what makes you bronze (or gm tbh) - you’re outside the curve. Bad gameplay is almost always subjective, never reportable, and basically everything in bronze is going to be “bad”.

I’ve seen family members get banned for playing torb in CTF, just camping the flag learning how to fps, and apparently some toxic stack (of females i might add, since this comes up in psych whether or not there is gender-bias and toxicity). They decided that was a ban no appeal not even a chance to export the replay codes to prove innocense. Maybe one of them worked for blizz who knows.

I haven’t had to report anyone for sab without admission of active sab, in hundreds of bronze hours - because i give everyone the benefit of the doubt, as a good judge should. Maybe they should add hidden trust levels to accounts and reports.

Either way they can improve the system with better algs and better agents. And you fund these with watchpass seasons that paygate some % of trolls out of comp. You could F2P the base game experience and it will be so degen more people will buy into a well-maintained ladder, backed by funding that cleans things up (agents, systems) rather than toxifying it down (alts, no-resets, rigging, complete disposability of actions).

I’m Plat and I’ve never recieved a notification about action being taken on a report. And reporting more wouldn’t help because they need to reach a certain number before Blizzard even sees it. But it’s nice to hear some people get results.

I get them once in a blue moon. However some people are insanely toxic and seem to get away with it.

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Always leave a written note, even if it sort a sweat. Detailing what and were their doing.

Like taking the minite to do so works well for me.

I almost always do. I’m pretty sure the note doesn’t actually get read until the account reaches a certain number of reports. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky but I haven’t had a single report go through.

I’ve reported people who harass all game for abusive chat. I’ve reported people who give up and wait in spawn for inactivity. And I’ve reported plenty of people for throwing. Nothing has ever happened.

Depends upon the “report” feature. Most players ABUSE the report system out of spite. Yet they aren’t looking at themselves to the loss that their team incurred. Most often it is them stopping to tell everyone ELSE what to do, and even ignore the friends they Q’d into the match with.

I think what we need is a better Match maker system in general. That way people are playing matches that they feel comfortable WITH.

I Solo Q. Which means I don’t want to be facing teams with people that are already PREMADE by a group of friends, as well as I don’t want to be a person FILLING that slot in. Yet it is the most profound issue of toxicity in overwatch TODAY. Which is caused by the match maker MAKING HOSTILE MATCHES.

I get it, it needs some level of competition. But it comes at a steep cost.

Match maker really reflects this. Because every time someone leaves in a Quickplay match, it will take the best player on your team, and whatever hero they are playing, and try to find someone that plays that same hero, as equally well. Which creates even MORE of a toxic environment.

What match maker really means is, they need to FOCUS on getting RID of these issues. There are an astronomical amount of matches happening per HOUR and in some regions, more than others. But I can attest to the fact that even in COMPETITIVE, There is no match that seams remotely enjoyable. It takes players with a substantial amount of MMR and then blends accounts with little to no MMR into these games. Which is one of the most wretched and unwarranted reasons for ANY game developer to remotely consider for a COMPETITIVE MODE of their game.

ESPECIALLY, when they are still trying to promote Overwatch league. Which is ALL about competitive gaming.