Are there problems with the Orisa contenders skin?

I am pretty sure that I have watched more than 5 hours this month to obtain it. :confused:

However, often when I click my acc name on the upper right corner, it says something like “%USER_BATTLETAG_…” instead…

Something is not right with OWL/contenders recently for me. Even on the app, mobile, and different browsers on PC.

I really wanted to have it because she is one of my favorites.

Did anyone else have problems?

edit: I watched on 4 days… it should have been enough :neutral_face:

I have learned that Contenders matches do not award Overwatch (Blue) League Tokens.
The error may be because the option to collect viewership tokens is not there.

I had a similar issue once before but it was only for a day. Otherwise I had no issue getting it (aside from the ridiculously insane schedule requiring me to watch matches at 3AM on work nights… :roll_eyes:)

Idc about tokens. I want the contenders skin which is rewarded for watching a set time of hours. :neutral_face:

edit: maybe i am too impatient and they will be added in the next days? I just rly want the Orisa skin :<

I have the Orisa skin.
It was offered by watching the OWL not Contenders.
The time to get that skin may have expired.
I just checked…it isn’t there anymore.

It’s a contenders skin. Ofc it is rewarded for watching the contenders - like every contenders skin before.

I don’t know. Contenders advertising, in my opinion, was poor.
I was not aware that Contenders offered skins.
When I was interested, someone mentioned that OWL tokens cannot be earned while watching Contenders.

May be it was a lie to make me miss skins.
I usually try to get them all.

Well, yeah. OWL grants tokens and grey skins and contenders grant contender skins. This is no secret :eyes:

I still don’t understand.
I have not noticed any Contenders skins in my version of the game.
I have only noticed OWL skins they have offered.

Thinking about Contenders skins confuses me.
Where are they?

This thread has confused me.
Maybe I don’t have the Orisa skin that you are mentioning about.
Where is it? What does it look like?
It’s the “Referee” skin right?
I have that one.

But didn’t you say you already have that skin…?

Where do I look?
Please help me.

In the hero gallery maybe…? Sorry but you must be trolling at this point.

Zman is known to troll around here. Let me help you out.

This is not a problem with earning the skins themselves, just a web scripting issue that is preventing your name from displaying properly. If you see that, you are logged into

Did you try watching on and click the rewards link below the video player. That was introduced this month and has been working perfectly. Even then the direct website embedded player has been working this month.

Very few players have very minimal problems this month since the direct YouTube rewards integration for Contenders. I even checked with the Overwatch Path To Pro team and they reported no known issues sort of one Korean-Language broadcast at the start of the month, which even that was resolved.

Maybe, but most Contenders’ broadcasts are only about 2 to 3 hours long at most. Its important that if you want to earn the skins that you need to be actively watching all available broadcasts from the start of each monthly rotation. Furthermore, any VODs do not count. Only live broadcasts.

Note, if you just finished watching the Korea-region broadcast from this morning

It is planned sometime in the distant future to rotate through all of the heroes again, but for now, there is nothing more we can do since there are no more August broadcasts remaining this month. In the meantime, do make sure you have worked through my troubleshooting guide here that can help resolve common problems that can prevent users from earning Overwatch League or Contenders livestream drops:


I will say wyoming that it took me way longer than the listed 5 and 10 hrs to get August’s skins……so perhaps those numbers weren’t accurate?

I got mine within the appropriate hours.

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Contenders hates me then :sob: (at least I got em I guess)

This is where I always watch. I never had trouble with getting skins from contenders so far.

Yeah, live ones (green dot, and no “length” of the video since it’s live.) I actively watched some. I should be over 5hours. This is why I thought that I am not logged in (because if I tried anything from going to my profile or logging out,I got error 404).

Oh, this is good to hear.

Thank you for your time and your help.