Are Omnics water-proof?

Are Omnics water-proof?

I’d imagine so, but I’m also unsure for obvious robo-reasons. Does anyone know anything about this? If not I think it’s worth discussing. Thanks!

It was asked already, and Michael Chu replied Waterproof Omnics (/Genji)?

Thank you! :smiley: I looked through the dev comments and hadn’t seen this.

but down to what depth?
like at some point they are just going to implode or start getting leaks due to the super pressured water…

At least omnics probably don’t get decompression sickness unless they have some kind of similar fluids circulating internally that may be effected by pressure.

The Gwishin omnics come from an omnium that is on the seafloor.

do we know where that is located so we can reference that areas real world depth?

East China Sea somewhere.

They’re manufacturing Bastion Units, which I can’t imagine are capable of floating but function nonetheless. Whatever they’re making these things out of, it’s capable of surviving the toughest environmental conditions around. They may have edited Torbjorn’s original designs to some extent, but they still have to be heavy in order to plant themselves in artillery positions and rain hell.