Are Mercy players no longer worthy of being individuals or human (we're called creatures now too)?

Moon, it’s best to let them fight their own battles, telling them to stop will not matter.They will keep going and keep going. It’s best to let them fight, not trying to stop it.

Mercy does not deserve more attention than heroes who have been F tier forever.
However Mercy posts spam the forum pushing down anything about other heroes.

Me me me me me now now now now wa waa waaa!


i realy donut care about propa englesh on the ovrwotch forums

Perhaps not, but you do care about what the Mercy mains think. That seems to be your problem. That, and women having opinions on things.


I posted a large thread that took me 20 minutes (Symmetra 3.0: A Summary From a 200 Hour Sym Main) detailing my thoughts, opinions and suggestions regarding the Symmetra 3.0 rework and it got buried in seconds under Mercy mains posting the same old “revert mercy!!!111!!!11!!!” bull

Luckily it was seen later on, but still it was so frustrating.

Well, I guess that’s unfortunate for you. Because again:

And the complaints won’t go away until that reason goes away.

Change never happens without agitation.

Here, hold this:
Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

11 months ahead of you. Do you really think that will stop the complaints.

Except it isn’t what it takes for the healers to be balanced, shown by Mercy’s season 4-5 state.


Honey I can assure you, like Blizzard, I really do not care.

Did you stretch before that reachhhhh?

Well yeah, I’d be all for a revert to the rework, but Blizz literally said months ago that it ain’t happening.

Not their fault you Mercy cultists don’t listen, is it?

It’s not our fault that they don’t listen, is it?

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Right. You cared so little that you devoted your entire afternoon to attempting to shout down the Mercy mains. It was futile as well, as you should have figured out by now. You can’t scream people into submission, especially on the internet. The more you push, the harder they are going to push back.

Considering that most of the aforementioned posts were based on anger about a woman who’s voice you didn’t like having an opinion and your focus on that I’d say it was more a case of low-lying fruit than stretching. You’ve got some issues to work out. I hope you’ll get it together someday.


Just like you are screaming at th devs to change their decision?

I am not screaming at anyone. You have no idea what I think about Mercy’s state, as I haven’t told you what I think. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever made a suggestion to the devs since I started playing way back at release.

Nah mate, it’s evening where I am.
Anyway, if you’re referring to the Aria Rose thread, I was clearly baiting on that thread, so I enjoyed it.

Yeah, a woman. Just because I dislike Aria Rose’s opinions, doesn’t mean I hate all women having opinions. Like seriously what a reach.

No. They can’t ignore us forever. We’re not going to let them get away with turning Mercy from a fun and balanced hero to a stupidly OP, boring, soulless must-pick.


The least we can do is fight back until Blizzard can’t ignore us anymore. The time of just laying back and taking whatever game devs push is over.


You as in Mercy mains complaining not you specifically.

What if I told you I wasn’t a Mercy main? What if I told you that I was a flex player that spends most of his time playing Orisa and Reinhardt these days? How would that blunt your strawman?

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Doesn’t change the fact it applies to Mercy mains…

You speak for all Mercy players I see.

You haven’t played the game since January but you still frequent the forums to talk about a character in the game you haven’t played since January. Sorry, but you could just… not frequent the forums and subject yourself to criticism? You’re literally bringing it upon yourself, and for no good reason.

I’m a Mercy main and I don’t get hated on except by other Mercy players. It isn’t all Mercy players-- it’s a specific sub-category of Mercy players, and they know damn well why people feel the way they do about them.

It’s like that guy that throws racial epithets around and then says he’s “joking”.

So you don’t hate all women, just women with opinions. I have some bad news for you.

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