Are Mercy players no longer worthy of being individuals or human (we're called creatures now too)?


A hero “not being enjoyable” or “not fun” is subjective and is not a reason to flood the forums because there are plenty of people who enjoy mercy now.


I still find her fun


Quoted to prevent it from being edited out… This quote exemplifies one of the many offensive things that I am talking about in my opening post.


It doesn’t help that Blizzard corrals us and herds us into the graveyard super-megathread for Mercy when we try to have legitimate conversations on here without getting lost in the 20k post endless landscape of confusing merged topics inside the megathread

You know what would solve that? subforums


Well her not being enjoyable to play against was one of the main reason they reworked her. Hack was insta nerfed because streamers/pros said it was “not fun”. It is subjective but if not fun can be used as reason for nerf and a rework it can be used as reason to rework a hero.

You are correct it is subjective which is one of the worst things to come out. No matter what they do with Mercy at this point people will be unhappy. I will be unhappy with her until they rework her again or revert while also changing mass rez. If they do that then their are people who like her current version will be unhappy. They have but people who play Mercy into a lose lose situations where someone will always be upset.



People play a game and hero to have fun. When that’s in jeopardy, people complain.


It’s kind of crazy the amount of dislike there is for Mercy mains or even those who appear to play Mercy. It’s just sad that they’re mistreating people based on a hero they play. It’s not even Brig! that last bit was a joke

which would be reasonable, if every single person wanted a revert. Unfortunately, everyone has very diverse ideas of how to change Mercy.


Calling Mercy mains “creepy creatures” in a thread that brings up dehumanization as an issue is obvious sarcasm to you? It certainly didn’t seem like sarcasm to me.


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Because the reste of the gamers we are are bored to see new threads popping up every single second to say the exact same thing than the previous one… so people starting to say « they » to refer to Mercy players…


Raises an eyebrow
Attack is not always the best defense


Then I think you have misunderstood the genuine concern that I am expressing in this thread. I did not create a thread because I wanted to joke about how Mercy mains (or any people who receive similar treatments on this forum) are being treated as inferior beings by several active forum participants. I am genuinely concerned over long term consequences of this behavior.


I feel as you do, Qwazi. I have been away for quite some time, but to come back and see… this? The treatment of Mercy players was always bad, but this is on another level entirely… It makes me sad, that people see other players, people like themselves, trying to improve and better their favourite character just get shut down because “Lul cult get out”. It makes me wonder if I would be called the same, purely for my name.


Hey buddy gotta long enough title there? Not point. Mercy mains are fine. I hear that they’re crying for help but play who you want.


It’s honestly gotten to a point where I’m embarrassed to call myself a Mercy main. I can understand why Mercy mains are looked at in such a negative light on these forums. And we have mostly brought it on ourselves.

As I stated in another post, Mercy has received significantly more of the devs time and attention than ANY other hero in the game. And she has never been close to being as broken as some (Bastion, Sombra, Rein’s bugs). Maybe immediately after Valk, but that was short lived.

Yet here we are. Continuing to demand more attention to her and demand it NOW at that. I mean, how entitled are we? And even if we, personally, do not consider wanting our main to be “fun and engaging” being entitled, you have to acknowledge the perception of the rest of the community. There’s over 10 new Mercy posts a DAY, even after all the attention Mercy has received. As any other hero main, that’s understandable how Mercy mains may be perceived how they are.

What’s more is she’s been meta for ages. Meta heroes never get sympathy from the community. And why should they? Imagine being a Bastion main and having a Mercy main complain to you about being “boring.” Lol.

I get it. The Mercy we have is not the Mercy really anyone wants - and tons of viable feedback has been given, yet Blizz chooses their own road. It’s frustrating.

But, as a Mercy main, I would be outraged for the rest of the community if Mercy received another rework before things like Bastion and Rein’s bugs are handled.

The argument has become “well Mercy is unfun because she’s boring.” Boring is subjective even if it’s a common opinion. Meanwhile Reinhardt’s bugs and Bastion’s lack of viability are fact. I’m well aware Blizz should be able to handle plenty of things at once… like why not rework Mercy again AND fix Rein? But we all know that’s not how Blizz works.

That’s my take on the perception of Mercy mains, as a Mercy main. I realize I’m in the minority and probably seem apathetic. But just as we’re allowed to have our opinions and voice them on Mercy’s state, so able is the rest of the community able to have their opinions on Mercy mains and their opinions are not entirely unwarranted.


not only have you proved qwazi’s point, you’re extremely immature about it. hold this flag. you clearly don’t know how converse with people without being a jerk.


Sadly seeing the comments here I keep assuming every Mercy main wants that.

inb4 I get called a Mercy hater and that I generalized them all. (it’s wrong of me to assume such things sorry your spam isn’t helping alright.)


While I understand how people can get frustrated when so many of the threads discuss Mercy, it is still not a free pass for insulting or degrading people who engage in such discussions. I think if people engaged the way you did in your post things would be fine, but there are quite a few people who have stopped discussing and who is simply just in it to degrade or insult people.


I have a phrase I quite like, and when accusations are flying, gender sexuality and class wars are being waged, and someone trys to conflate me with a group identity I haven’t espoused;
“Don’t collectivize me, bro!”


It’s unfortunately going both ways, though. I’ve seen people simply state their opinion regarding Mercy and how they believe she is fine where she is at (current state is healthier than old state, blah blah blah, etc.) and then suddenly get swarmed by people who start insulting them and saying they have no idea what they’re talking about.

And granted, I’ve seen the same thing as well done to Mercy players, but both parties are guilty.