Are Mercy players no longer worthy of being individuals or human (we're called creatures now too)?

I have yet to see the people who are not happy with the state of Mercy try to silence others. I have seen a lot of the inverse, however. Something to think about.

Read what sareph just said.
Saves me saying it.

Are you complaining about your arguments getting shut down, and that you cannot keep reinforcing them?

…Could that mean… you’re wrong?

If an argument cannot stand, then the position that relies upon those arguments fails.

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Agreement does not imply the silence of the opposing view. If we had people unhappy with the state of Mercy going around and actively trying to shut down threads dedicated to being pleased about things then you’d have a point. But we’re not seeing that. Again, we do see a lot of the inverse, the dehumanizing language, sexism thrown into the mix, etc.

Giving an opinion is not arguing though.
I could say resurrect (mass res) is unhealthy and base that on the developers. You can’t argue against it.
You can think they are wrong (you clearly do) but there isn’t much you can say about it.
Mass res was removed because it just didn’t fit and was detrimental to the game.

I could take that further and say resurrect all together should be removed for the same reason. That’s an opinion.

Also it’s pointless talking to people like yourself who have a very rigid and unchanging OPINION. It’s easy to see why people are starting to call this a cult.

But we still have points of relativity. Someone can gauge how much people approve/disapprove of an idea based upon the likes on post gets, and the like a post saying the opposite gets.

For example:

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

That thread is 9 days old, and has already become one of the most popular posts ever on these forums. Looking at the “all time” category in the “top” section… There are no threads that hold the opposite position to the thread I just created on the page, meaning any thread that does hold that position has less than half that number of likes.

I get that you’re trying to get your voice heard, but when people hate seeing the word “Mercy” attached to threads, and you make a thread about Mercy, you are only accentuating the issue

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But an opinion needs a reason behind it, correct?

Oh, yes I can. I can say that “the developers did it, therefore it is justified” is a hilarious considering their track record when it comes to Overwatch’s balance.

Now, simply saying “I don’t like mass-rez” cannot be shut down, as it does not reveal any arguments to be shot down. As soon as the reasoning behind that opinion is revealed, it becomes vulnerable.

That is exactly the point of making these threads in the first place; to bring light to the issues.

The issues aren’t just going to go away unless we make it crystal clear what the issues are and that we want them to go away.

This is the internet. The issues aren’t going away no matter what. I’ve seen countless threads about Mercy, countless threads complaining about Mercy mains (calling them whiners) and countless Mercy threads, and now threads defending or justifying Mercy mains and Mercy threads are on the rise.

None of the threads have achieved anything.

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By using sheer numbers to bully heroes who need way more attention down and down with the spam?

There are a billion of you guys, and a lot of you share the same opinions.
We’re getting revert Mercy threads on a regular basis, buff other supports instead threads as well as ‘‘Res on E is overpowered’’ threads. Which all follow the same arguments and very similar formats. Everything that will be said, has already been said a hundred times.

I can completely sympathize with the frustration, but Mercy was a problem and had to be adjusted one way or another. But you can’t really blame people for getting annoyed after seeing the billionth revert Mercy thread.
You’re right, it’s unfair to treat you guys as a single unit instead of individuals.
But even as individuals, a lot of you guys repost the same threads and the same arguments over and over again. Which can get on a lot of people’s nerves.

That being said, i think most of your feedback is getting read by the developers.
And i’m not saying they’re all bad ideas. But again, you’re all reposting the same stuff over and over again, and that’s what makes people put you all in a single bag.

Similarly, every Ana main wanted 70 damage after the damage nerf.
And we were adressed by ‘‘all those ana mains’’ as well. It’s a natural response.
It’s not dehumanizing.

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This is the internet, and nothing that we say here matters at all. But this is also about a video game – a meaningless time waster. So maybe we can just voice our meaningless opinions about insignificant things without trying to police who gets to say what about which hero.

Not a Mercy player, but to be fair I can understand there being more frustration about a hero who used to be in a good place and just needed a few tweaks and was subsequently reworked into the monster we have today, as opposed to characters who have always been in a bad place. Blizzard actively destroyed Mercy, they just ignored the others.


This is untrue. And it’s actually quite dangerous that you think that.

Sure, if you want to argue that you can say what you want about whichever hero you want, then that’s fine. But so can the people on the other side of the fence.

I would agree the rework they got was the wrong way to go…but a rework did need to happen (opinion)

I may be a dangerous subhuman, but I do know that nothing discussed here really matters. Overwatch is a video game.

Sure. You can absolutely say whatever you want about whatever hero you please. Again, I think we need to draw the line at adjudicating who gets to speak.

That wasn’t a response. :smiley: I appreciate your attempt , though.

Sure, balance discussions, hero opinions etc don’t matter, but that doesn’t mean nothing you say matters. You’re not talking to the internet, you’re talking to people you don’t know using the Internet as a common medium.

Honestly, this has happened for every hero that’s gotten a significant change to their kit. In the case of Ana, whenever she didn’t get the nerfs that everyone wanted EVERYBODY flamed the crap out of Ana-Mains calling them the biggest whiners and Blizzard’s “favorite hero”.

But it’s not like Ana the only one who’s gone through the motions.

I mean, remember Roadhog.

Or the D.Va Mains.

Genji-Mains also went through it.

Symmetra-Mains have definite;y gone through the same thing.

…and we CANNOT forget about the Bastion-Mains because well…they’re still stuck in the abyss left from the last Omnic Crisis.

In fact, I think that most people are less angry about the spam and are more angry about how the vocal minority paints themselves as being the only group who has ever suffered in the way they have.

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