Are content creators more important than players?

:pensive: not to derail the thread but I’m still a bit sour from yesterday.

I get what you were trying to do but you had information on the event that you could have provided the general community with ahead of time… but instead you took it upon yourself to make the decision to deal with the fallout after the fact. We already get so little info, making the conscious decision to leave us in the dark and just take the community angst on the chin… really feels like you’re a bit more disconnected than what I initially believed.


Hmm, I wouldn’t say “all of them,” but some are a bit… boisterous, for the likes of me. Frankly, I think some sort of disconnect is happening within the marketing department? This company has always been “retro” when it comes to modern-day, so perhaps whoever’s in the marketing department is stuck in the past in terms of how they handle community affairs?

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I appreciate the communication as I for one can read between the lines and it’s pretty clear there’s quite the few announcements to be made soon enough.
We’ve had patience to make it this far, let’s keep riding it out. I’m sure the devs are just as wanting to give info as we want to receive it. All in good time.

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“Don’t be sad, this is just how it works out sometimes”

To make a distinction. When I claim we are nobodies, I mean as individuals we dont really have a broad impact of other peoples’ opinions.

If you come to the forums and told us all a secret about OW2, we as individuals aren’t really the ones spreading that news. That news instantly gets picked up by people with much greater reach and influence who use youtube channels or articles that reach the broader demographic.

I’m not suggesting that our feedback isn’t important to you. It’s just very clear that your relationship with content creators is, as you say, a more professional investment that holds a different kind of value. As someone who works at a software company that has many third party partners/investors, I understand that relationship, and how sharing information that would otherwise be behind an NDA with them has much more impact than if my company revealed secret information to some random people on the internet.

Just to clarify one thing: decisions like that aren’t made solely by me, without taking in feedback and listening to the concerns of my team, peers, and manager.

I’m not always going to make the right choice, and when I screw up I’ll accept accountability with the community. Also keep in mind that what is “right” to do can be completely subjective, based on where you’re looking at it from. It just so happens that Jodie and I’s viewpoint has to incorporate both the needs of the community, and the OW team.


Ok, im sorry Andy but you do realize its exactly this what annoys people? You guys go on on 1 on 1 chats with the CCs and meanwhile we told the devs twice about the mid air roll being bad ans it still went live.

Here is where the problem lies, we may be as important in the eyes of the devs as the CCs but little has been done to show so.


Content creators are not synonymous with the community. I wouldn’t even know who they are if I didn’t read the forums. Games got millions of players, hardly anybody cares about some YouTube skin-suit making their fiftieth overblown reaction clickbait video. They don’t matter. Make absolutely no mistake, they do not represent me or people like me, of which I guarantee you there are a significant number.

Treating the people who care about overwatch and want it to succeed as second class citizens for the sake of some yokel talking into a camera for the internet is beyond belief. Edges into satire with the absurdity displayed. These people would make the same videos and tweets with or without your massaging their egos. Trying to astroturf people into caring about some screaming overreacting YouTube Man. I’m speechless.


barely but for the record, a tweet is NOT communication, you got a freaking whole forum in here or reddit or even youtube, you have the means to make official announcements and all we get is a half written tweet but alas this is the level of commitment you’ve been showing lately so no surprises once again


Then post-yesterday.

Do you believe that sheltering us from potential bad news and dealing with the fallout afterwards is still the right decision going forward?

I personally prefer to have that information ahead of time to cushion the blow and be reassured things are looking up but I understand that’s subjective.

It’s good to know there’s multiple people that need to agree on things but it still makes the final decision a bit of a head scratcher to me. But I understand, it’s subjective in that sense as well.


Ya, I’m not thrilled by the idea that new info could be hidden behind having to watch a 10-minute-long video of someone talking about random filler nonsense till they finally get to the actual 30 seconds of relevant info that blizzard could have just posted on twitter to read.


Im gonna leave this topic because Im just getting more frustrated
Peace out yall


“Met my community engagement metric for the day. Time to browse Twitter and play solitaire for the next five hours”


This sums up what we need to know about a good portion of the community :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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CC important? nah. all they do is make biases and trash balance changes


so what makes a creator then? there are dozens or hundreds of others, what makes this person more special then the other? because they have 100k followers?

and what exactly do you think they plan? are you admitting that everything they do is fake? what makes a content creator is their genuine reaction to new items, people see through scripts and know when people are acting and reading from a script

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A tweet is communication. It may not be one’s preferred method of communication but if the goal is reaching a large subset of the Blizzard population a tweet is certainly a good way to do that. I am actually struggling for context in which a tweet is not communication.

To help give a demonstration on why this is important, I have been creating video content for a different non-Blizzard game that is currently in development. No content creator there gets information in advance right now (though this is likely to change in the near-future as that game ramps closer to its launch). Right now, there was some news posted in that game’s official social channels, and I am right now busy making a video on it, but I don’t expect to have it done until tomorrow. I would also note I had to change my schedule and plans for the day based on this news coming up earlier than expected. So my free time I had tonight is now gone.

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What about players like me who don’t watch youtube/twitch and would rather just play video games themselves?

I think we should recieve news on the website more often instead of constantly having to hear things from a 3rd party. Even the announcement from a member of staff about why there was only 2 leg skins for this event was announced on a just a 3rd party website (which I only found out about because someone posted about it on these forums)


i’d be interested in knowing what game since i do like when you make videos and presentations. i might check this “other” game out then if your making videos for it. just a question heh i understand if you cant reveal the game for whatever reasons