Are content creators more important than players?

Their needs are the same as the players cause at the end of they day they are just players with an audience. Just because they make a video about the announcement doesn’t mean that the players need to be kept in the dark for months while they get to know what’s actually happening.


What it boils down to is that Blizzard feels content creators bring in more moola and the regular customer does not. They have our money; getting new accounts are more important to them. So, Blizz doesn’t care if normal customers leave when the content creators have a potential of bringing in more new players. Cha-Ching!

It is what it is.


People probably wouldn’t be bothered as much if we hadn’t have gone all this time with practically nothing. Most people are losing faith, they’re tired, fed up, frustrated, etc. Literally everyone was in the same position CC and community alike. Then the CC get information that apparently makes them feel like OW is saved and this is the year. But the rest of us are still here like :neutral_face:

So even though we’re (the rest of the community) still in the same position, and after what happened yesterday :sweat_smile:, at least CC still know what’s to come. So they can have hope.

People are just fed up of being in the dark.


Yes. Content creators have a better working relationship with the game developers (of multiple studios) and their content has much further reach than Lloltic on the OW forums does. You, me, and most other people here are nobodies.


its funny…cause its similar to a comment someone made a while back (andy?) about how OW2 is being made for “not us” essentially…which people immediately threw a tantrum over…

but its like you just said…they HAVE us already…the business interest lies in the people that DONT play the game…grabbing the attention of the “potential” playerbase

that doesnt mean we arent important btw

Respectfully, this just isn’t true. The average player’s financial success doesn’t hinge on their relationship with the developers of any given game.


Probably should delay those embargo dates further. The current state of things is incredibly unfair for us. It feels awful being left in the dark when other people are making tweets saying how they know stuff we don’t :frowning:


I totally agree with what you’re saying here Andy, however:

Why do Content Creators need information months ahead of the community? I totally understand giving them a few days notice or even a week but months seems like an excessive amount of time for video preparation, unless of course, they need to prepare for something of significant magnitude.

Another gripe I have is how they were given permission to state their feelings on this but not what it actually is. This may be unpopular but in my opinion, the community were better off not knowing anything at all, because by letting creators express their excitement, they simultaneously make many players feel left behind and out of the loop. I get you guys were trying to build hype but I personally feel it backfired.

BTW thanks Andy for this direct communication about communication. It’s really awesome to better understand your constraints and justification for decisions. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


When the game first came out and people made content they still had audiences and found success without needing the devs to give them private information. People just had to read the patch notes when they came out, or discuss leaks and dev announcements. They didnt use to need to have a relationship to stay relevant they just had to play the game and be entertaining.

I will also add, all this ends up doing for some is build resentment towards these content creators if they’re not a fan of them. It doesn’t help to have them bragging on social media about how they know more than the general populace does.


I want to be very clear that the forum community isn’t made up of nobodies. Jodie and I devote a significant part of our weeks solely to forum interaction and feedback gathering.

It’s been great to get to know all of you over the last several months. Even the folks who like to consistently hold our feet to the flame are valued and respected, and I really look forward to the day we can finally meet some of you all, whenever events like BlizzCon end up returning.


Not really. Most content creators complain about the same stuff normal players do. OWL players probably matter a lot more since their complaints tend to result in actual changes.


i can think of several content creators who are usually openly upset with everything the devs do

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Takes one to know one. SWISH


Hey Andy.

Considering Blizzards financial success does hinge on their relationship with the players and the gaming community in general…Is there any chance you could shine some light on why there isn’t even a roadmap or something similar for OW2 development yet? Even something minimal, without dates and with clear notices that it’s subject to change at any time would do a great deal to dial back much of the frustration.

Really the question is…Why the secrecy? Blizzard hype is legendary. There is zero hype for OW2. What gives?


There are two central issues here, as far as I can tell. The first is that the confidence and trust of the player base is in sore need of rebuilding as well.

The second issue is that while this isn’t a zero sum game, certain aspects of the improved relationship with content creators have adverse effects on the relationship with the player base.

Blizzard usually does a great job of not giving out wrong or uncertain information. Sometimes this throttles the communication pipeline, but it’s an honest position that I respect. I think the company has to also focus on not putting out information that is confusing.

The content creator call with its strict NDA was a confusing piece of information. It’s nice to see them excited, but it’s not clear what we as players should do with that information or what it meant.

This is part of a larger pattern. I think it’s fair to say that Blizzard hasn’t yet fully succeeded in convincing the player base that Overwatch 2 is an improvement over Overwatch 1, that it’s coming in a timely manner, and that it’s worth the content drought. There’s even been a lot of confusion about what exactly Overwatch 2 is - is it a sequel, an expansion, etc. The information that’s out there up till now has not been great at clearing the confusion and addressing these issues.


I completely understand your reasoning, the thing I don’t understand is why pros are not included in this. I’d say considering they are directly hired to play the game professionally them knowing things about the game they have to compete in is even more important than content creators, pros in many ways fill the same role that content creators as a lot of them make content themselves.
It’s crazy to me that these people seemingly don’t know much more than us if even that.


I just want information about the content creator meeting and when we could see the information they got…

And I want information on the tank changes…

Andy, I remember you said you would release an update… in the future about that information… that was 4 - 7 months ago.

I know you guys are trying your best… but we need more transparency


There’s a certain point where what I say about what’s happening behind the scenes starts to spoil the efforts and countless hours of work of all of the people who would be involved in our major beats and announcements.

I’m not Mike Y, and don’t have the latitude to discuss certain things. I know y’all want news and information with more details. I’m not particularly keen on making promises without something of substance to show for it (yesterday’s statement notwithstanding).


Y’all. Sorry to sound like a “simp” or anything but might wanna ease down pinning Andy against the wall?

I’m kinda disgruntled myself that alone a third game in-dev was announced before we got a release window for either d4 or ow2, but i don’t think the guy has any more powers than the content creator regarding the NDA stuff. The guy does his best to communicate with what he’s allowed to work with. Cut him some slack for the love of god.

We might end up with radio silence for months if we just push away and pressure another CM like that.


I don’t really see this as pinning down Andy.

I just see frustrated players looking for answers :man_shrugging:

And Andy is our best bet to getting some information.