Are Ana mains demanding more Buffs getting greedy?


You made the thread and no evidence suggest she is even balance right now and currently will get buff to make her OP.

So, when get the actual facts thrown at you, you play defensive and back pedal. Perhaps you shouldn’t of start it in the first place when you didn’t have the grounds to defend your position.

It’s called blowback.


Strawman Fallacy. This is what I exactly said. Secondly I also added post to with the general consensus and more buff and demands for Ana.


That’s not an argument, because you dont even know what that means. If you did you wouldn’t of used it then. Again you listed zero facts all conjecture. Everything you said is 100% your opinion.


You insinuated that I believe Ana is OP, that is not the case. Further proof previously I advocated for some of the buffs applied. But I do feel greed has gotten the better of people and that there other characters who need help aside from Ana.


Stop trying to turn it around i was clear and transparent. This is getting stupid, you’re going to keep doing it are you. “no you are”


JuicyBrucie-1683 is the perfect example of unreasonable greedy Ana player pretending they didn’t any buffs, to egg on more. Lying or covering up Ana updates out of greed is bad.

JuicyBrucie-1683 your strawman fallacy isn’t my original point, and you grasping at straws. desperately throwing flippant remarks to get a rise out of people. Do you have another suggestion for a buff to add, or are you going to keep blindly complaining? Your hostility is well noted.


So making up stuff up or lying is being “clear and transparent.” Here’s proof to debunk you from TomPowers that buffs I listed exist and were tested. Not opinion, it’s fact.

Continuing the discussion from [Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – May 3,

Here’s other people feedback about Ana’s damage buff.

us.battle dot net subject “I love Ana’s damage buff so much” "Damage buff for Ana is cool…

“70 is still good stop complaining you get what you want and you still complain like wow” -Buzzintate

"70’s a fantastic spot.

Would prefer they up her healing potential, by giving her more ammo and maybe letting darts pierce barriers but only healing when doing so, but I’ll take it." -Sederath Oct31

Wow did blizzard listen and later gave extra ammo and better healing. But delusional people like JuicyBrucie pretend these buff don’t exist or just 100% opinion to egg on more buffs. How greedy.

JuicyBrucie-1683 the quotes I provided that Ana was decent at hard countering Pharah were from other Ana and Pharah players, not my opinion and highly upvoted on reddit. From QUITE_GANGSTA_N maxgamercod. But you went livid when people don’t agree with your false narrative and other were even content with Ana abilities before the buff. You blatantly lied that everything I said was 100% conjecture or my opinion only when you knew that statement is false. I politely asked you not to shoot the messenger or strawman after you been debunked repeatedly. When your claims didn’t add up, you have the audacity to call others “stupid.”

I still appreciate all the constructive feedback even if people disagree if Blizzard hasn’t done enough. I’m just surprised when I previously supported Ana on her buffs. Nobody demean me, insist low gold player are ignorant don’t know any better or pages of rambling hate. The day I show obvious proof that Ana player did get a series of positives buffs and suggest to others not to get too greedy. Out pours the ire, lies, and people pulling rank. That minority just makes the rest of Ana player look crazy and unreasonable and not helping encourage balance, or more positive changes towards Ana.


I am more of the opinion that in the current state of things for well-coordinated play and competitive that Ana is outclassed by Mercy plain and simple. Moira has a nice niche for being the 3-4 tank supporter by being able to do high heals for all of them. However, Ana really has no niche on some combination or map that is more valuable than Mercy’s resurrection & defensive ultimate.

Ana is underwhelming mainly because Mercy exists. However, since I highly doubt the team would be willing to revisit Mercy for a long time to come I think asking for buffs on Ana to make playing her more attractive over Mercy is more viable option than Mercy getting a change.


It’s not about the amount of changes, but the quality of them in relation to how they change the gameplay of the hero. Ana’s recent changes was more quality of life changes then they were actual buffs. A buff for Ana would be to give her regeneration.


+1 This. It’s a bizarre phenomena. Everything is so tunnel vision or revolves around comps/pro play. If the changes are positive in quick play, deathmatch, duels, seasonal events, or other fun modes. People essentially say screw them or dismiss that player base. What happen to actually enjoying the game or forming community and open honest discussion. I have friends that play Ana in deathmatch and love the new self nano and buff in other modes. But here they are just painted as stupid… because it’s not comps or meta…

Even if Blizzard applied dozens more positive buffs towards Ana, those efforts still doesn’t count in the eye of many other Ana mains until Ana’s meta rises/top pick in comps.

I realizes it not just greed. It’s also elitism. If those stats site didn’t exist. People wouldn’t be so obsessed or stuck up. Even users like momoking, thought it was okay to lie or mislead others because they address “low-gold” players. That kind of attitude would be toxic in any team based game.


Just because there’s something worse than ana doesn’t mean that their complaint isn’t justified.

Also ,just because they buffed ana recently doesn’t mean they can’t do it again.

It’s like buffing torbjorn by giving his turret 50 health more ,then leaving him in F-tier for a few more months because “he just got buffed”


Fair enough. I’m just saying nice to also take turns. People keep bring up that Ana isn’t meta enough, there are character that are worse off. Ana recently did get a lot of attention as well as series of buffs. If you feel those buffs aren’t good enough. Okay.


I only want two more things for Ana before I think She’d be perfect: 75 damage per shot rather than just 70, and the ability to toggle piercing shots off and on at will like how Mercy switches weapons.


Facts of the matter.
Ana is rarely used at any skill rank, and she doesn’t have the mobility or self heal to avoid dying when jumped on by flankers.

At least not to the extent that Moira/Mercy can do easily.

Also “ranged healing” isn’t worth much if you can’t survive when away from your team, and enemy shields completely block all your incoming heals.


But what about Self Sustain or Evasion tools?

She doesn’t have Self Heal, or Fade/GuardianAngel

All she has is “you better pray you hit this sleep dart, AND that your team doesn’t instantly wake them up, AND that you don’t die due to constant chip damage and no self heal”


I don’t think Ana is very good right now. Outside of big tank heavy comps she doesn’t get value. her kit is too inconsistent.

The bigger clip is nice but i would say the shooting through allies was good on paper but not in game. She needs more control. Improve the sleep dart and try her with hit scan hip fire.


Well, as an Ana main, I see those as her justified downside for her strengths: she has the best utility for a Support in the game, and her burst healing is the strongest in the game. I see self sustain and mobility as a fair trade off for that.

I wouldn’t be against some sort of “Stealth” passive or something where she’s sort of camoflauged if she’s standing still, as that would help her in her role as a sniper, but I don’t think she needs any healing or mobility buffs.

She’s risky to play, yes, but if a team works well with her, She’s one of the best supports in the game, even if she does pose more of a challenge to play than the other supports.


Well on a different thread post, I posted an idea that would make it so that if Ana grenaded an enemy, that that enemy could no longer see Ana. Until either the effect wore off, or Ana dealt any damage to that enemy.


I will admit i’d like it if they made it so enemies are immune to being woken up for a full second after being put to sleep. That would prevent a LOT of “accidental awakenings” due to allies firing at them before they realize they’re asleep.


It’s just because they know these changes aren’t enough. But what they fail to understand is that it’ll never be enough. Not with mercy being what she currently is. Ana just doesn’t stand a chance. Unless she’s buffed to the point of becoming broken.


You’re… joking, right?