Are Ana mains demanding more Buffs getting greedy?


How about we tweak Nano so it affects both Ana’s target and Ana herself and make it increase healing also, would it be too much?Cause as it stands Nano synergises with far too little heroes well, with this change it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to actually use it on another support and Ana herself would get on demand healing and survivability boost.


I agree the way you described Ana being 10x less threatening than Widowmaker was funny. Because Ana currently does 70 base damage. While Widowmaker does around 13 to 120 on full charge sniper attack not including head shots…so not exactly 10x less threatening. I think the reasoning why they didn’t include headshots or 1 shot ability for Ana is because she’s a support not DPS and that would be OP.

“DPS Ana is the new Widowmaker!!”

People already have some generous request on ANA’s wishlist. It’s not the first time people want Ana to be like Widow 1shot, damage like Hanzo, or have heals equal/greater than Mercy, or self regen, so I had to ask to confirm. I’m glad you are able to help distinguish between reasonable request.

70 damage is moderate considering around half character roster has around 200 hp pool. Around three-four shots can pick characters from afar with no fall off can be powerful. Ana’s previous damage of 80, on top of biotic grenade. She was a tank killer. Blizzard thought that was very unbalanced and nerfed it.


I want to say yes. But i’m biased because i’ve well…lets just say disliked her since she’s first been dropped in the game. So I can’t be objective with a response.


To an extent…yes, because Ana players (myself included) are always asking for something and yes, Blizzard has listened and given her subtle buffs very slowly.

Though, I still have to say no because Ana buffs she has gotten are so incredibly small, they haven’t made a whole difference to her overall value to the game with her high skill ceiling. Nothing about her screams OP. With each passing update the developers manage to buff her, it never truly feels enough to be with the other supports ATM.

It also doesn’t help Ana possibly has the greatest stigma than any other character in the game: the developers are afraid of triple tank returning and don’t want Ana that strong again. That just stinks for Ana users knowing she’ll always have restrictions to being meta again. And from what I’ve seen on the many months of the forums (the new and the old), most Ana players want small stuff at a time without making her OP or easy.


She was not a tank killer. Her grenade cuts tanks off from healing which allows her team to kill the tank not herself.

Ana had 80 damage. No headshots. She shoots every .9 seconds. Her dps was 88 damage per second. Let’s put that in perspective with the support at the time:

Lucio: 64-124dps
Mercy: 100-200dps
Zen: 115-230dps

Don’t pretend Ana was killing tanks with her damage especially if that tank has armour which takes 5damage off of every tick of her dot syringe. She used her utility to cut off the supports on the other team. It’s laughable that people compare Ana to mccree’s dps. Mccree does 70 damage but can fire twice a second. 140-280dps compared to a flat 88. He has drop off because he was litterally mcsniper, Ana takes almost 3 seconds to kill a 200hp hero across the map. She can’t murder tanks with 80 damage.


Mercy is better than Ana in pretty much every situation. Either Mercy/Zen needs nerfs or Ana needs buffs.


Pretty much all of this sums up where Ana-Mains are at this point in Overwatch’s lifespan.


Other supports are still a lot better.
They should nerf those instead of buffing Ana.
There is too much healing in this game already.


Fair enough. People consider Ana a “tank killer” because she has great value counter to quad, or triple tank. Their win condition is to keep tight, brawl on the point with little to no range. They are incredible damage sponge. Ana is a good answer to that. Ana grenades at that choke, they either have to turn back, fight half health, or get slaughtered. She doesn’t kill all 3-4 tanks outright, she’s their achilles heel. She is support. Having sleep dart and range from brawlers/tanks is a plus.

I agree people shouldn’t really compare Ana with Mccree. One’s a support class the other is DPS. Ana has no fall off damage and Mccree does. Ana sleep dart is more reliable, than mmcree’s stun(it’s really bugged at times) Ana sleep dart is really good if you have cooperative teammates.

“Ana anti nade being OUT of the game made for the counter-meta quad tank to be stronger, as defenders “had to have a mercy” which is actually a liability vs Slambulance horizon A. TL;DR Ana is back and will counter 4tank. -F”

“How to beat Moira/Lucio Quad Tank”


Its not season 3 anymore. Nano is easily counter, anti heal isn’t that much of a tipping point in battle. Discord is better than anti heals. Her bust heals are only as good as the player. Every healer auto heals. Moria aoe heals and shoot orbs. Rez is far better, Luico speed and aoe is better, Mercy heal/damage and unlimited mobility is better. Moria damage output and escape button is better. Brig shield bash is better than sleep, ult is better, and her single target heal is better but has a CD so what. I don’t understand how Ana utility is even relevant anymore.

Not anymore man. She beyond trash. It’s so easy to shut down an Ana. Its probably the easiest character to shut down in the game. You just need 1 shield or player in front of a teammate or her. She’s shut down. Moria damage orb shuts her down constantly. IT incredible how people don’t get how bad Ana is.


I’ve never seen anyone refer to her as a tank killer. A counter to healing, yes. But never a tank killer not even in triple tank.

Ana is nothing against tanks without a team. In a 1v1, Ana has to steal a kill from a tank when the tank is low health or the tank had to make a big mistake at low health against her. Chances are vsing a tank as Ana, sleep and run, use her splash grenade to hopefully steal the kill, or out play road hog by denying his healing at low health and then dodging his shots.

Also I wouldn’t say her stun is more reliable. Easier to take advantage of when landed but not more reliable. Mccree can use his more often and it has an effect range. Ana has a long wind up, it has a projectile speed, and a target (especially an ultig target) can be woken up by a team mate which can make the sleep useless (blade Genji)


You’re arguing with a person who uses buzzword he/she saw on reddit and has a total of 3 minutes played on Ana and is a Mercy/Moira player. DO you not see the bias here?


The problem with spreading misinformation is that other people who have no idea it’s false but want to believe it’s true will spread it without a second thought. Replying to it means that other people that never thought about it or didn’t play in triple tank (like I and other older players) would follow the comment chain and become informed.

Also arguing about Ana means Ana gets to stay on the front page so yay discourse.


I think that’s why it’s always good to get second or third opinion. Better yet cite reference to facts. It wouldn’t be productive to have an echo chamber or jerk circle motivated by greed, or use ad hominem that pull rank just to silience others.

MomoKing insist that Ana didn’t recieve any update in the last two years or JuicyBrucie insist everything said is 100% opinion or conjecture. People who aren’t Ana experts, or high rank like them should be silienced. Quoting others with more experience than them who don’t agree, even got them more mad.

That all fell flat when people quoted the very update they pretend didn’t exist in the ptr notes. From Tom Powers, and Jeff Kaplan. It’s pretty transparent MomoKing and JuicyBrucie repeatedly lied to to egg on more updates/sympathy to pander to their specific favorite mode or character only. This is hypocritical, greedy, and manipulative.

Thankfully Jeff Kaplan balances the game for everybody to enjoy. Not just exclusively Ana mains or comps. Here’s an article on the Overwatch Triangle of Balance. MomoKing insist it’s just a wall of diatribe, but I understand not every player wants to share or be kind to other players. Even though Ana player asked for self nano in Deathmatch for fun, and got their wish. MomoKing resented them and feel they are irrelevant, because it’s not what they wanted.

I don’t mind an open discussion. I even agreed with you on some point and people here who provided some real justification. Nobody wants a greedy elitist who’s repeatedly lies to get what they want in Overwatch. That’s just toxic and no fun. Other characters who are worse off than Ana need a turn too.


How is it greedy to ask for more help, when Ana clearly needs help? 4 bullets and a QoL change (That I consider a nerf in some aspect.) isn’t enough to make her a viable pick over Mercy. Please look up statistics on the current support meta. It’s Mercy and Zen or go home. I used to have more hours on Ana than Mercy, but it got to the point where I’m throwing the game because I’m playing Ana over Mercy. You want to go on and on and on about how Ana got “buffs” when in reality she was overnerfed, and brought back to 70 damage. Which is lower than the original of 80. The only true buff she got was the 4 extra bullets, and if you think that is enough then you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Ana is the worst primary healer in the game, while being the hardest to play. It’s asinine and I can’t play my favorite hero because Mercy is a much better pick currently even with these “buffs”.


I get what you are saying. Would it be unreasonable to wait for another round of Ana buff just a bit. So blizzard could catch up buff other characters who have worse pick rate on Ana…Since Ana already got some buff/attention recently?

I know it sucks to get pressured to play Mercy. I flex a lot, and she comes up the most on the request. Sometimes I just want to chill and play Torb and Bastion instead. I know just because you play a healer, team shouldn’t boss you to fill in as Mercy all the time when you want to play Ana.


It’s not really a factor of people telling me to switch honestly. That doesn’t bother me too much. It’s just the fact that I’ve been forced to play Mercy for the past 6 months and you are basically telling me to wait more “x” amount of time before I should consider playing Ana.

I used to hate Mercy, but now she really has grown on me. Mercy is now one of my favorite heroes. Mercy is an amazing support, too amazing arguably. I’ll put it this way I love all the healers in this game but I and many other support players have been forced to play only Mercy and Zen (and Brigitte lol).

Look at OWL, the best Ana player in the world Ryujehong is playing Zen and Tobi the best Lucio player in the world is playing Mercy. This is because these players know Zen and Mercy gives you the highest chance of winning. When the best players in the world don’t consider Ana, why should I?


I think blizz should nerf mercy and brig a bit more and slightly buff ana (give her something that requires as much skill as the rest of her kit) instead of just making her blatantly OP. There is enough support power creep already and ana is just a victim of it.


That’s the truth of it. Ana isn’t unplayable, she is just noticeably worse than Mercy in almost every scenario.


Obviously false and a strawman about that single thread can stall Ana development when she become top pick with many updates. The buffs did have a huge impact.

10/2/2018 This month 9.83% Ana #2 highest pick overall in Comps
10/2/2018 This month 28.11% Ana #1 highest pick overall in Support

It’s just blatant lie and shaming tactic to silence any constructive criticism. We know for fact did receive recent buffs back to back.

Jeff confirms Ana rifle damage buff Back in Oct/Nov 2017
"Yes. We’re increasing her damage.(70)
We’ve been testing it internally for a while. Last night, we threw our competitive group at it (Masters/GM level players) and they really liked it also. So it will probably make the PTR soon.

"Continuing the discussion from [Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – May 3,

It doesn’t matter if these facts or updated are written on napkin or from a Mercy/Ani/Junkrat/Doomfist main. Facts are facts. No amount of prejudice can change those updated existed, JuicyBrucie, and Momoking lied. I find it hypocritical they talk about ignorance or being disrespectful, yet they are the one omitting facts and talk down on Mercy players, who happen to know about Ana updated than they do. Dev put a lot of hard work and thought into those positive changes to Ana, give credit where it’s due.