Are Ana mains demanding more Buffs getting greedy?


Anyone competent on Ana will get more done by switching off main heals. That’s a bigger problem than fixing the other F tiers.


Nobody is asking for her to be buffed till she’s the best support. It just seems absurd that the support with the highest skill floor is currently the least effective support both in gameplay and statistics. Low skill heroes like Mercy and Brigitte are much more optimal and rewarding than Ana. That’s not how it should be. A hero that requires more skills should at a higher level output more efficiency. This is proven not to be the case for Ana. She’s not been updated for almost 2 years; how is asking for some reasonable buffs being greedy?

I think what’s even harder to take seriously are gold rank players who have virtually no time on Ana in competitive, telling Ana mains what’s good and what’s bad for her. But I digress. Majority of Ana players have suggested reasonable buffs like allowing nade to pass through fully healed allies so that you can land those crucial anti-nades (her utility being, let’s face it, the only reason players at high elo use Ana).

Ana was meta for season 2-4. Mercy has been meta for season 5-10. Mercy is the easiest and most effective hero/support in the game. Ana is one of the hardest hero in the game and one of the least effective supports. Does this clarify the frustration of Ana players? This isn’t even mentioning Console where Mercy has been meta every season and Ana is the worst hero.

You say us Ana mains have to wait but we’ve waited for almost two years. We are not asking for her to be stronger than Mercy but to be on par with other supports considering the effort she requires. That is all.



Ana is just a conceptually flawed hero. She’s too inconsistent to compete with the other healers. Either you buff her to the point where she’s worth using in spite of it and she pushes everyone else out, or you keep her on par with the others and she never sees use.

Combine that with the fact that Mercy has a much larger fanbase that will never accept a meta in which Ana outshines Mercy, and you have a perfect recipe for a hero to never see use.


I used to main Mercy on my other account, but I don’t find her as fun as she used to be since her reworks.

Moira is okay, but I prefer the utility Ana offers and the skill needed to excel with her.


give her proximity invisibility on an ability. like Sombra but shes visible if you get close. also she makes noise


False. Ana recent buffs/ptr were last May 2018, as well as several more buffs on Oct/Nov 2017. Ana got her damage increase, more ammo, self nano in deathmatch, new heal feature, and tons of new skins. MomoKing claims are false that Ana didn’t recieve an update in two years. It’s also unreasonable for Blizzard to update/buff a character before it even existed. But players who are as greedy as manipulative as MomoKing, they just make up stuff to get what they want. You can deny the buffs all you want, but they are already in game and were already offically announced.
Here are the facts.
Overwatch launched around May 24, 2016
2nd Overwatch Anniversary was just last month of May.
Ana was released. 7/21/2016

Jeff confirms Ana rifle damage buff Back in Oct/Nov 2017
"Yes. We’re increasing her damage.(70)
We’ve been testing it internally for a while. Last night, we threw our competitive group at it (Masters/GM level players) and they really liked it also. So it will probably make the PTR soon.

"Continuing the discussion from [Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – May 3,

Nope. The fact you have to pull rank to cover up your lie and greed is pretty obvious. These updates and buffs could be written on a napkin or told by a bronze player with zero Ana play and it still would hold true. If you have to constantly lie to get what you want, it’s probably not in the best interest of Ana players as whole. That’s just you being selflish. Sorry you are mad to see +120 posts enjoying a serious discussion. Stop trolling.

Also where’s your proof that a thread like this stop Ana’s development? If anything it’s a help resources to get feedback from both sides. I even took the time to write other people’s wishlist.


I don’t think it’s just Ana Mains who think she needs a little more. The changes were nice but the same 2 things are keeping her in low-tier same as before these buffs,

  1. Unable to heal allies through enemie shields.

  2. Her Survivability is low compared to other Supports.


Ana has quite literally been irrelevant since Blizzard in its infinite wisdom butchered the hero. This is less about people demanding buffs and more asking Blizzard to display some competence in balancing the roster. Ana is the worst Support by a considerable margin.


Her rifle damage to 70 wasn’t so much a buff but more of them realising their error and reverting her damage when it used to do 80 dps. Self nano is irrelevant outside of FFA. The new heal feature a lot of people didn’t agree with and ultimately does nothing to make her viable like you claimed. How do her ‘several’ buffs make her viable like you claimed? I’ve asked this you a thousand times and you never respond.

I bring up rank because you speak as if you have experience playing Ana or playing with Anas who are good. You’re a Mercy main and in low gold. I want you to ask why you think these buffs make her good again in competitive when statistics show in your rank she has the lowest win rate out of all supports.


Prove that I made that exact claim. In my original post and topic.

Deflective Strawman Fallacy. I never made that claim, you are just changing subjects after you got caught lying and being greedy. Why do you think lying to others or Blizzard that buffs for Ana didn’t exist for years, when the fact they did. Is a good idea?

How convenient with selective amnesia that already shared over a page post with other players who felt Ana is in a good place, viable counter for Pharah and not to get greedy after Blizzard listen. Already Posted 3 days ago. QUITE_GANGSTA_N maxgamercod. Sederath Oct31 -Buzzintate You can scroll up to their quotes and their reasoning.

momoKing-21641 broken record? Repeated the same questions already answered. Supposedly “thousand” times.

If you are so knowledgeable about Ana, how come you were so willfully ignorant of the several buffs she had in May, 2018, Oct/Nov 2017. Even low bronze player know it. So congrats, you played yourself troll. Quit harassing me with ramblings that already been debunked. Even a low gold Mercy Main knows more about Ana than you do by simple research and facts. You don’t have to like the changes, but there’s no need to keep getting greedy and lying about them.


I’d rather just see Mercy nerfed down to Ana’s level


So we’re just going to ignore torbjorn being worse then ana for 2 years then?

Ok understandable


I ignored Torbjörn about as much as any other hero in that post because this thread is about “Ana players being greedy”. Blizzard has also confirmed that they are planning on changing Torbjörn, so there really isn’t all that much to say before they are willing to share more. He obviously needs help.

Is this enough, or should I also share my opinions on other heroes in need of help such as Sombra, Lucio, Bastion and so forth?


I’m just pointing out that their are other heroes who have been worse then ana for a lot longer


I’m a console player, so I’m sorry Torb wasn’t the first on my mind (he’s a bit stronger there). I do wish he gets a good change though, I actually like him.



I actually wanted to see some loving attention to Sym, Torb, and Bastion. Since Ana had a few buffs in row, it’s only fair to give others a chance too and take turns. Bringing that up gets some people mad. Some want more than 1-3 wishes from a genie lamp.

I think Ana and Torb have strong niche uses. My highest best overall career win rate accross several season at Torb which is around 63%. IfI move up higher sr, I might get crushed? However If someone counters them, I switch no biggie and wait the next game he can fit in. I would suggest doing same for one trick Ana players.

I play Mercy a lot more than I should to fill and because people also ask nicely. Plus she looks cute.

Yea Torb could still use some help …only if others are willing to let him have a turn.


I don’t think Ana mains are getting greedy… It is just the thing they have been asking for to be buffed hasn’t been yet - survivability. They didn’t ask for piercing shots or larger clip (at least I haven’t seen this one).


I seen some weird reactions. Some love it! Some hate it! No pre heals? I guess next big change would be the option to toggle it in settings. I think that’s reasonable.

The balance with Ana is tricky.

If she has the longest range heals or no fall off damage? She can’t have too strong of damage or heals to balance.

If she has the longest CC, it means she can’t spam for balance.

Bump her her damage too high, then it’s makes widowmaker or soldier hitscan seem crappy. Because Ana has way more utility.


Yes an option would be great for that.

A request I have seen often is for a passive that heals Ana every time she heals her allies. Some suggest a flat number and some ask for like 15% of the heals done.
(11 hp max per non-boosted shot / doesn’t self heal if no ally hp is recovered)


lol at calling a deathmatch change a valid buff. I’m surprised not many people here pointed it out.