Are alt accounts the real problem in competitive?


The competitive scene seems to be more affected by smurfing, throwing, trolling comms, rank shaming, one tricking, etc. than it has ever been. And in most cases this comes from alt accounts.

I played about 25 games this weekend and almost every one of those were affected by someone on an alt account doing one of those things I listed above. And I imagine those problems only get amplified the further down in skill rating you go.

Alt accounts suck.


Not really, the things people can do on their alts are things that people already do on their mains.


Yes, around 3k SR its completely flooded with smurfs who ruin matches left and right.

Reason 1 for a smurf: You want to troll/play badly and dont want the lost matches due to it to affect your main-account.

Reason 2 for a smurf: You want to bypass your ban for toxicity and play your “get out of jail for 20$” card; A smurfaccount.

Reason 3 for a smurf: You think youre a god-tier top 500 player and totally blame your teammates and the matchmaking for being stuck in bronze, so you create a new account to be “boosted.”
After 10 lucky placement matches you end up in high plat, but blame only your teammates for your rapid “sudden” decay back to bronze.

Reason 4 for a smurf: You’re a top 500 player and want to grief lower SR matches by using a low-rank smurf and tryharding versus noobs.
You use the clipped material for a “sick” fragmovie with Linkin Park on it.

All of those reasons are reportable for gameplay sabotage, imho.
Go ahead and do it. I’m tired of them.
Get them out of the game and back on their main.


Alt accounts vs Smurfs/Boosters.

Smurfs and boosters are the only issue in this game. Theyre arent that many alt accounts below their actual SR in comp currently, they find their SR quickly on whichever hero they are playing and they dont make up for the sheer amount of BS there is related to this topic currently.

Smurfs are players that buy premade accounts or derank new accounts playing bad on them on purpose for the objective of playing in a lower rank.

Boosting is when a player goes on someone elses account and smurfs there to gain a lot of sr. (Paid boosters(which is more common) are usually 4300+ players. Most paid boosting sites require that you are currently top 500 to be able to boost with them)

Alt accounts are not the issue.


could be bad if they play 2+ at a time like in a mmo.


I believed I was better than gold and made smurfs XD
I later improved and climbed but I got two smurfs thanks to my stupidity


I think you’re a lot less likely to see someone rank shaming, smurfing, or one tricking on their main account.


Are *Smurf accounts the real problem in competitive?

Fixed it for you.