April 6 Bug Fixes Resurfaced

April 6 Bug Fixes Resurfaced

Today’s patch inadvertently reintroduced a few bugs fixed with the April 6 Retail patch – We’re working on getting these fixes reinstated soon! This includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Ashe’s unscoped fire to become unusable
  • Fixed a bug that caused Ashe’s weapon to appear incorrectly in the Kill Feed

Thanks for your patience!

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Please fix Genji dash he is unplayable right now. Kill feed shouldn’t matter more than a hero being unplayable.

Can we get more details on this issue?

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I played a game after the patch and I noticed a few things. When I dash onto a target, the game moves my crosshair without me moving it. For example, I dashed onto a target and my crosshair moved off the target without me touching it. Additionally, his dash animation seems changed too. If you are having a hard time seeing the changes, I can upload a video in the training room if you’d like. Thank you for responding by the way, appreciate it.

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Thanks for the details! The team is taking a look at this. We’ll follow up if any additional information is required.


Hitmarkers are too small.

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Is there an update on the patch regarding the occlusion system?

I’ve heard a hotfix for this should’ve been put in by patch 1.45, but it seems many users still encounter this issue.

Was the patch delayed, and pushed for a future release?
Or is this simply a different issue?

Can you guys also fix Mercy’s wings not corresponding with her skins during Valkyrie? would love to see that fixed.

Also D.Va spawns, demechs and remechs in an offset heading, might be related, this bug may also affect other camera locking abilities.

Edit: The animation bug is something else and began at 1.46, and I reported that one too, Genji's Swift Strike first person animation behaves strangely since 1.46
The animation always plays as if Genji is always facing forward (not adjusted vertically), so when you look up you see less of the arms, when you look straight down you see a lot more, which becomes obstructive.

Hi, I’ve already made a video of what Nagasaki was talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzOU6Gr3Qq0

In here I’m trying to do a 180 immediately after dashing, but my crosshair only moves a little bit, unless I hit something (the ground or an object) mid-dash. It feels like there’s only a small frame where you can adjust your crosshair, and then it locks into place until the dash animation is finished.

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Ghost dashing is completely busted right now. Also, the shooting while strafing seems a bit off too.

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Swift Strike rubberbanding is also back (1.44 issue)


Um… I don’t see it

Do note that you’re having icons displaying in the top left due to internet issues.

Yeah it’s true that the treshold of these icons are low, but it could still relate to that.

Is anyone else here to confirm?

I’ve had the rubberbanding happen even without the icons, I just preferred to make a quick short clip rather than crop one, and even when I’ve had connection issues, dash is the one thing that remained consistent, all it does is move Genji at a fixed speed for 15 meters max, and then all of Genji’s momentum halts, the rubberbanding issue here pulls me back.

Edit: Also the icons didn’t come up during any of the dashes, which is when they would occur if it was related.

Just tried it, yea, it’s back.