Applying updates while joining a match?

I get a into a game and before I even get to the game main screen I start getting the “applying update” thing over my screen, I can see people typing in game chat but I’m still at that screen and it just stays there. Then I get the main overwatch screen where you sign in with a big red banner that says "ERROR APPLYING UPDATE UNKNOWN ERROR (HF-5) and I lose 50 sr for that. How is when I’m joining a game the correct time to apply an update? I also updated today before I even got on. Either fix the issue of when you want to apply an update to someone’s game involuntarily or figure out some way to know when its your fault that I couldn’t get into a game. I did nothing to back out of that game yet I’m being punished for it? I have the best internet you can get and had no other connection issues so that is definitely not the problem.

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