Application has been blocked from accessing graphic hardware

“Application has been blocked from accessing graphic hardware.”
“Your rendering has been lost.”
“Your rendering device has run out of memory.”

i’ve been looking up for a solution for these error on this forum, a lot of people seems to have had it as well, still cant’t figure out if there is a solution to it now, if there is one, can someone please direct me towards it?
i’ve tried reinstalling graphic driver, nothing worked. this problem only seems to be limited to blizzard games.


Can you tell us more information:

  1. Have you checked the Known Issues thread to make sure your issue hasn’t been addressed previously?
  2. Did you remove previous GPU drivers with a utility like DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) for a clean install of your new ones? If not, please do this.
  3. What settings are you trying to run Overwatch on?
  4. Have you reset all in-game settings and tried playing again?
  5. Does this continue happening on the lowest settings?
  6. What is your PC/GPU? We can get this info for you if you post a dxdiag.

I’ve, but could not find a proper fix. tried reinstalling GPU drive as well with an uninstaller mentioned in one of the posts.
I have my setting set as low for the game, but the game used to run just fine on medium settings before.
also i did reset settings from the blizzard app as well as from the game setting menu but nothing works.
i have a i7 with geforce 960m.

the game used to run just fine a month ago, suddenly it started crashing and running out of memory.

Here’s the link to my dxdiag, https : / / pastebin .com /dnpQShsy

I would revisit using Display Driver Uninstaller, and make sure to follow the steps provided by the creator of that app, because you’re still showing as using an old driver. The current version of the driver was released on January 15, 2019. Even if this isn’t the issue, being on the latest version will help you get the most out of your hardware.

Make sure that you enable High Performance Mode in the nVidia Control Panel, and also for Windows Power Settings. You will probably need to remain plugged in to use High Performance, but this will significantly impact your game.

Since we’re seeing a lot of these errors, both with the Windows shell (the parts of windows you see and use to interact) and with your CPU, makes me think you should check for overheating. Make sure the fans are clear of dust and the laptop can “breathe” while you use it. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to use the Windows built-in tools to check for errors on your hard drive (check disk).

If you try the above stuff and still have issues, we can look at more in-depth info with HWMonitor, but hopefully these things will take care of it.

ok it was just the heating problem. anytime the temperature went above 92-94. the game gives a rendering device error. i got a cooling pad and it runs smooth but i’m still keeping my graphic settings at minimum just in case. all fixed now.
thanks a lot for the help.

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Hi everyone, I had the same issue and it has been solved by uninstall the game and reinstall…