Apex will strong arm Overwatch into going free-to-play


Never said that, in fact i separated both categories so you are kinda reaching here mate.

And yet you define OW as :

Thats an oxymoron mate. Making it F2P is not going to magically make it a new game like Apex for example. On the contrary it would possibly devalue any value it already has. Most non OW players would go “damn … its going down so fast that they are doing that? nobody must be playing”

… for those who actually buy it, they will see a Sea of trolls, throwers and leavers, mixed with smurfs destroying then from level 1-100 (yeah, even in comp) and one of the most terrible new players experience that Blizz has.

Nah man. Like i said, it takes more than that.

They dont like micro tr4ansactions, almost nobody does. Thats the reality.
They did that in BO4 and its HORRIBLE. Talking about people leaving the game, yep.

Quite an extreme anectdotal experience, also in SA you log into US servers and thats a timezone issue. Yeah it never happened in the first year of ANY game … it will still happen in many others, even CSGO. But then again you would get matched with people from other countries and you can do that too by logging into EU.

Still Nah.


I never said nothing about magic. I said more income streams will give the opprtunity to make NEW content adding REAL value to the game. Blizzard has said they needed to focus in the OWL and lose the focus over the game in the past. Basically they are saying they need MORE money to focus at the game and assign propper resources. How are they going to make more money when licenses price tags are going down, coming less and less people to the game and most of the “old” people here already have 100% of the cosmetics?

You need more income streams and capture new users. They need to give a burst of content to the game. And they seem to not have that kind of money right now. They need to make it F2P or launch a OW2 wich is basically a burst of content financied with new 60USD licenses.

BO4 is F2P? LOL Did you play it? So you are comparing a 70USD game wich also came after a month with microtransactions!!! with a game F2P with microtransactions as only monetization method?? c’mon…Not at the same planet!

Not a timezone issue and definetely not the same servers. There are several SA and NA servers, not just one. In fact games are really different from NA west coast to east coast servers.

And NO. You can play LOL, CSGO, Fortnite, etc without any issues because they have a larger playerbase. First year with no issues in matchmaking? I couldn’t play BO4 BR from the very first month without 200ping connected to ramdon servers without people. So no, there are TONS of games you can’t play whithin the first year. In fact, that’s what happen with most of the games. I could play even the second year this game very good.


R6 sige does these things and its not ftp. So who knows ow might start charging for new heroes without going ftp.


Literally give me links or I don’t believe you


It’s not a bad idea but they will not get much new players if they dont give a turn on the game’s content tho. Less players = smaller market to sell thoose microtransactions.


Mate, seriously, no offense but to be straight up honest here, you are way over your head.
OW will absolutely gain ZERO new streams and making it F2P will add absolutely ZERO value to the game, on the contrary : It will devalue it.

Mate that was TEMPORARY ok ?. Before you go into resources allocation and conspiracy theories, that was only for a brief period.

Making a game that is 3 years old F2P will not give you that, not in any known universe. I guarantee you that people that can bring that to the table, along with money for cosmetics or micro transactions already have the game because it is stupidly cheap (20 bucks now) and it was on sale many times a year (12 bucks if you had humble bundle or know how to search in “some sites”).

Making it F2P its only going to bring the “dark side” of that crowd. The “good” part of that crowd only goes to new F2P games, they use them for 6 months, get stuff done and then leave. Then come back when new content is added.

You really need to get your facts straight about how F2P and micro transactions work, specially when you drop things like …

They are.
Micro transactions are micro transactions. Period.
The business model is slightly different if you have a pay gate in the middle but after that … no. And its not 70 USD, it was lowered way down and its going to be lowered and “on sale” again (its a common practice, you can see it from a mile away).

Games that are “on sale” and already cheap to begin with are WAY less likely to go F2P soon. It takes years for that and the company really has to asses a HUGE impact before doing so.

It is a timezone issue. MMR system takes ping in consideration. Look it up.
You are taking a personal anecdotal evidence way too far. Any hyperbole or extreme example cant be taken as the norm. You should know that.

With that being said, agree to disagree. You are never going to convince me and time will show you im right. GGs


cant. if so, there wont be a way to punish cheaters because the paywall would be removed.

Point is, since the start the devs stated that there will only be the one time to pay, any future update heros maps will not be charged.


Just google it.



You dont understand how F2P works in fact and microtransaction dont work the same in every game.

BO4 had a smaller player base than Apex. It was great for activision as much as it’s a paid game with a LAUNCH price of 70usd, that was I was talking about. But thousands of people had trouble to find match outside the US for BO4. In fact, just COD, you need to play half of the amtches with 200/300 ping because you were matched against NA people playing while I was playing in SA. And you can’t play this games with that ping, you just can’t.

The keypart of making OW F2P could be to create a much larger playerbase to the game so Blzzard will be able to give more impact to thesse microtransactions. The game, as you said, was sold this year for about 12usd. How much money report to Blizzzard? Not much I guess. May be add way more users to an enviroment of microtransactions could add much more money than thoose 12usd the license.

That “dark crowd” can be controlled with paid barriers as much today with the license barrier. There is no difference. The only thing you need to protect is ranked.

Blizzard can implement microtransactions to the game without making it F2P, that could be at least, something. Will not be as much users to monetize but are very loyal. The community will disagree to have microtransactions because people never want to pay. Community is breainless about that. You are playing a game and it’s way better spend some money and have it in a way solid state than now.


Apex is a battle royale. So… That’s like saying Maple Story 2 will strong arm Minecraft into becoming 100% free because they share some of the same features.

HunTy, stop.


You have to payto unlock heroes or grind hours to get the coin to unlock them, OW did it better all heroes added to the game are and ready to play, that how ypu do it


Console mercy worried about smurfs…thats who teh devs should be paying attention to? sorry but i dont agree. Ive got time on console and pc and almost never run into smurfs in comp (i cant think of a single time), and very very occasionally get a lvl 20 in qp who stomps, who cares…

Lets go ftp, lets get those users, and lets get more content.


Pretty much any Twitch streamer I follow/know of really enjoy playing the game, even as a detriment to their channel. <— what I meant is that streaming THE hot game during its initial hype phase when everyone is streaming it, REALLY hurts your viewer numbers, unless you’re one of the top streamers, in which case you get ALL the viewers.

But many of the small/mid sized channels I know seem to really enjoy the gameplay, again, streaming the game even at the detriment of their viewership. So there’s that going for it.


Nahh, I understand some games have much much more development, bigger teams yaknow? Siege is a perfect example of that, I’ve gladly bought every year pass since I started at the start of year 2

Apex is doing is p much the same, but better since grinding the hero takes far far less effort than siege, AND it’s free to play, AAAAND has a roadmap that has x4 the development of OW for this year.


I think u mean GameSpy bro


No, I’m just that old school…
It started as QuakeSpy and I kicked them a few bucks being it unlocked like a filter options or something, I don’t remember the details. Only to have them turn into GameSpy a while later and act like “Oh different company, codes for QuakeSpy don’t get you GameSpy!!” even when it was the same program, different name.

"To solve this problem, a team of three programmers (consisting of Joe “QSpy” Powell, Tim Cook, and Jack “morbid” Matthews) formed Spy Software and created QSpy (or QuakeSpy). This allowed the listing and searching of Quake servers available across the Internet.

edit… random old school Quake info for the 3-4 people that might care, The Sharky’s forum (huge quake message board back in the day) guy ended up opening up a Porsche tuner shop called SharkWerks in the bayarea of Ca.


The reason WoW keeps it P2P and the reason Overwatch most likely won’t go F2P both lies in their install base. Both games already have the majority of interested players in their game… they don’t need to go F2P because they have their players, already.

What both games need is to keep their players; best way is through seasonal events, skins, expansions that players can come back to enjoy. This makes players feel invested and less likely to just leave their game altogether.

Part of this is why MMORPG seem like such a bleak genre. WoW remains king despite all these other contenders having better mechanics/more polish at time simply because everyone is already there. Some people invested hundreds of dollars, others met their best friends and partners there, others just only game enough to hop on for a bit and don’t want to scrape at the bottom of a new mmo again. Min/Max meta hunters will tell you “this game failed because it was missing this vital feature” and stuff but really, it is just a bit too hard to unseat someone already sitting on the throne.

So no, I don’t think Overwatch will be forced to go F2P. They can certainly change things later on if they add new game modes, maybe make a F2P/Test version like Warcraft has to allow players to jump in and try it out. If Blizzard releases a BR Overwatch game, I imagine they can pair it with their main game so that it will draw in more players. At the end of the day though, Blizz already got a great number of people to buy (and rebuy) the game - what they want now is to develop systems that keeps them coming back.

Also-- post thought. > It is a bit of a double edged sword. To go F2P and succeed well, you kind of need that brand name that demands attention. If you have that brand though, chances are your company won’t want to go F2P because you know people will buy. If Disney does poorly, they don’t weaken their brand by selling cheap. FFXIV will resist going F2P knowing that many will continue to enjoy their world. WoW created a free “window” to jump in and enjoy their game, mostly because currently invested players would use it to draw in their friends/family.

If the company’s focus is making money off of the invested fans rather than off of people just trying the game out, they will be better off keeping their payment model and instead relying on their brandname to pull in new players.


I am sorry if i have to pay for playable heroes in a game that is bad game design, all heroes should be playable always and then skins cost money


As fun as Apex is, it is an extremely shallow game, as that genre tends to be. I don’t think it set any standards, but rather is just your usual release of a decent quality game.


I dont know. 25 mil in one week is pretty damn impressive